Old Goat year best experienced with family for Adam Hollerbach aboard Windancer, also a Baker family boat

From left, Ian, Nathan, Marc and Adam Hollerbach will sail together for Adam’s 25th Mackinac race.

Adam Hollerbach will be an Old Goat after this year’s Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac Race.

He thinks he may be the first third generation Old Goat. Hollerbach, 37, did his first Mackinac in 1990 at age 12, and only missed one, when he was 13. HIs father Marc, and grandfather, Norbert, known as Holly, were both Old Goats before him.

“I feel like at 25, now I can take my place as one of the experienced guys, part of a tradition,” Hollerbach said.

So what better way to celebrate his Old Goat year than by doing the race with his father and two brothers, Nathan and Ian.

“It feels good to be part of that, if feels good to have the experience,” Hollerbach said. “My dad likes to say it just goes to show he never had anything better to do in the middle of July.”

As a bonus it will be the first distance race that the four Hollerbachs will be doing together. Plus Adam has never done a Mackinac with his youngest brother, Ian.

“I like doing the race, I like getting to the island and being part of it and I like being part of the tradition of the race,” Hollerbach said.

The Hollerbach clan will join another family, the Bakers, aboard the Great Lakes 70 Windancer, a Great Lakes 70 . Brien Baker is chartering the boat, which usually sails out of Muskegon but this year will sail out of the Detroit Yacht Club.

Among the crew of 14 will be six members of the Baker clan, Brien, Greg, Bridget, Max, Connor and Devon, making this a double family Mackinac.

Windancer is leased this year by Brien BAker and will also be a Baker family affair. Pictured are Greg, Bridget, Don, Brien; and bottom row: Devon, Max, and Connor. All but Don will be racing this year.
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