Video trailer: Mackinac awards winners talking about how they won

By Peggy Walsh-Sarnecki

More than 200 boats sailing the Bell’s Beer Bayview Mackinac Race this year.

But only the top three boats in the 17 classes were invited to the Mackinac Awards Party at Bayview Yacht Club.

So what did those boats do that set them apart from the rest of the class? Did they have a pre-plan, or did they change statrategy as they sailed up the course? And what was differnt about their course from what other boats sailed?

Well, we went to the awards party and shot video of winners in most of the classes talking about exactly that.

This is the last project I did with Ashore Detroit. Check it out and see what they did that you didn’t do.

Here’s a trailer collection of bits of all of the class leaders. The videos will be posted Tuesday.

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