Why Entrepreneurship Part 1

I wish I could say it only happened once but one question I get asked repeatedly is “why are you choosing this path, I mean you have to be stupid, crazy or mixture of the two. You have no way of knowing for sure if you will fail or succeed if you fail you may just end up bankrupt. Keep your stable job. Its safer and you do it for another 11 years you will have a decent retirement check too.” To be honest my reasons are multiple, too many to count really. But there are a solid few that I feel will resonate with many of you. I will say first that I am not writing this with the intent that you should get up tomorrow to quit your job to do what I am doing. I will have to paraphrase but Tony Robbins once said “Everyone is different when comes to being comfortable. Some people value certainty at the top of their list they won’t do anything unless they are 100% certain that it will work. Others value uncertainty if you are totally certain they are bored. There is no perfect mixture; it’s all depending on the person…” Time management is one of the most important things that I hope to pass on to you.

24 Hours

I do have my moments of doubt and despair like everyone else in the world. If I was the perfect version of myself I would be helping and influencing much more people in my business and my personal life of course the thing that follows that is wealth. Most days of the week when I wake up I am happy. God has blessed me with another day and another 24 hours. It’s a whole 24 hours to do what I want to do. The area where many people mess up is how they spend their day attacking what they want to get accomplished. Everyone is a talker. They say they want to do this and that and that and this etc. Then when it comes down to doing the work they don’t do anything. One of the things I dislike more than wasting time, that is complaining. If you really have a vision of what you want to achieve you will work it every day. When you leave you 9–5 you go back to work for yourself. Whether that be develop your brain, move your brand or what ever, just do it. There are no excuses. I have guys I work with right now that use their children as the reason why you can’t do something. Granted I don’t have children so I can only say so much but, the idea is maybe you children should be your reason to get out there and do more. Sitting at home watching tv and eating microwaveable pizza isn’t going to help anyone.

The 20th Century Way of thinking

Growing up I was only given one blueprint for success. You see will see a list below of what that was

1. Get good grades in grade school

2. Go to college get good marks there too

3. Get a nice stable job with good benefits

4. Find a nice woman to marry

5. Get the white picket fence home and have kids

6. Retire and watch the kids grow and build their own family by following the same path.

As I grew I thought to myself how is that going to work if everyone is after the same thing? Me being born in 1990 I saw the fall of that system with my own eyes. I am sure most of you remember 2008 well I was 18 then. What made it worse was I started to see why that way which I called the “20th century way of thinking” was starting to degrade and not work for the masses anymore. At a young age I read the newspaper off and that was exactly what I start to unfold before me. News articles like “College graduates can’t find jobs” or “college prices at all-time highs” or “More and more adults moving back in with their parents”. That being said I am not in any way downing an education. It’s extremely important but and education is something you work on everyday if you want to do something great. And in this day and age people only want a degree for the degree and not for the education behind it. Students cheat because good grades are valued more than an actual education. For the world to change that idea must change. So as I devolved along with got older I started to think “so I can go to college for 10 years and get anything out of it except a piece of paper. On top of that I am in debt for a good portion of my life”. You can probably guess that my grades tanked. My father being a man that lived and breathed the 20th century way of thinking shunned me for that. Another little thing I want to pass on to you is be careful who you listen to. If Robert Kiyosaki listened to his poor father and ignored his rich one he wouldn’t have influenced the world with his wisdom and built his wealth. My father has an opinion about everything and he is always right. I am sure you have a people in your life that continuously pour into you as well. They tell you the proper way to live and help you though every step. If you are one of those people that follow every step that they layout I want you to think of something. If they are 100% right about everything and their way of doing things is the only way why aren’t they multi-billionaires? Everybody on planet earth is an expert. So everyone wants to give you their opinion. The biggest mistake I see most people do is they take bad advice from good people. If your broke uncle Bob lives out of a trailer maybe you shouldn’t take financial advice from him. I love and respect my father but since I want to do more than he can ever dream of I can’t listen to everything he says.

Let’s Join the Military!!!

To whoever took the time to read my first post and stuck with me this long I truly thank you. I said in that first post titled FADE IN that you will get the real me. I will continue to be completely honest and transparent. That being said it’s my personal belief that over half of the people that decide to serve have little to no patriotism. What I see most of the time is they join out of sheer necessity in the fact that they have little to no idea of what they will do if they don’t join. That was my story even though I wasn’t nearly as mentally developed as I am now I still had I idea. It was one of those things I thought about but didn’t bring to the surface. The 2 questions most adults ask children are “how old are you” and “what do you want to do when you grow up”. Thinking about that now makes no sense. How do you ask a child that has little to no worldly experience about what does he want to do when he grows up. I can’t speak for every child but I didn’t have a clue. When I graduated from high school I came up with 2 options. Go to college with no idea what will do and regardless face the mountains of debt that came after. Or suck it up join the military get my feet wet with college while I’m in then use the military to pay for it when I got out. My last sentence believe it or not is the reason many people join. Why many people stay isn’t because they love their country but it’s because they find a nice stable paycheck and used to a certain lifestyle. Something I see very often is when that lifestyle gets threaten and they know they maybe faced with leaving the military before they reach the time they can retire…fear sets in. I want you all to reflect on that for a moment. If you really thought about it you may be like me and realize how crazy that is. People who serve in this day and age are more fear full of leaving their stability than they are of being faced with a life or death situation. Do me a favor and really think about this. In the navy we get into a warship for months at a time, sail off into dark pitch black waters, go into areas where people can shoot missiles at us, intercept cocaine runs, hunt down pirates armed with RPGs that have nothing to lose and various other crazy things. But when it’s time to leave unexpectedly many are extremely nervous. That right there shows that there is something wrong with this country. And why the 20th century way of thinking doesn’t work anymore. People are more fearful of losing a pay check then their actual life.

Thank you all for taking this journey with me. Expect part or at least something else soon.