We are ready for single payer
Justice Democrats

“France, Australia, Japan, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, Germany and the U.K”…ALL HAD SINGLE PAYER FOR DECADES. They had their govt run healthcare set up as an integral part of their govt for years and years. America hasn’t. There was infrastructure in place in those other counties, many of which had it made from the ground up after WWII because their previous govt was in CINDERS, so it was easy to build the necessary components for a single payer govt. There wasn’t anything in the way! No existing system that would take years to fully scrap.

You can’t just toss out the current system. What would happen to the economy? How would it be implemented among doctors and hospitals? And as for your “but they haven’t introduced legislation” point?

DEMS ARE IN THE MINORITY. They’re not gonna be able to pass anything. They couldn’t even get GUN CONTROL after Newtown passed and Obama was president and used the bully pulpit and it STILL failed.

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