Andrew Endymion

Yes. You are. Bernie just got outvoted, plain and simple. She won against him by millions of votes. Almost FOUR MILLION. For comparison, she BARELY lost to Obama by around 40 thousand votes.


And Obama was a young and charismatic black man. Bernie was just another old white guy. So of course minorities overwhelmingly voted for Hillary over him.



She also won voters over the millennial generation overwhelmingly as well.

The fact is, young voters have a pisspoor turnout rate. On average, it’s less than 20 percent! LESS. THAN TWENTY. PERCENT. http://www.electproject.org/home/voter-turnout/demographics

And even in 2016, it was far below what other age groups had. So that left Sanders with only the independent vote, the youth vote and there’s only 28 million of them in an electorate of over 200 million, and the non-college educated rural voter. All other voting blocks chose Hillary over Sanders.


THAT’S why he lost overwhelmingly. Because, overwhelmingly, the majority of the voting electorate in the primaries chose HRC. Name recognition went a long way.

And BTW, someone already analyzed the vote count extensively. http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/was-the-democratic-primary-a-close-call-or-a-landslide/

But you of course don’t want to believe she pretty much beat Sanders fair and square in a popular vote. Cuz that means admitting the primary wasn’t rigged. It means admitting you’re wrong. And you won’t do that. And BTW, you crow about caucuses? They’re even more undemocratic than superdelegates. The caucuses themselves don’t even determine the full delegate count. While your ilk whine and complain about super delegates, you should know that caucuses only choose the delegates to county and/or state conventions and those delegates, in turn, decide who gets what delegates to the national convention. So, YEAH. In addition to the impairments to participation already offered by the caucus process, like in Iowa, starting at 7 p.m. sharp and NOBODY gets in if they show up late , and the lack of absentee or early voting…caucus-goers only actually vote for the people who will choose who gets what number of delegates.

And wouldn’t you know it? Bernie Sanders seemed to do remarkably well in those very undemocratic caucuses, but when it came to PRIMARIES, Hillary beat him again and again, in most open primaries, in most CLOSED primaries. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-system-isnt-rigged-against-sanders/

THERE’S your evidence.

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