The Best Goddamn Dinner We Ever Made

Figure 8.1: I wept with joy.

It was immaculate.

Last entry, I told you that we had gotten a hold of some lamb and leeks, as well as the fixings for tzatziki. We’d also grabbed some carrots at one point, and I had some potatoes sitting around. Naturally, we always have rice. We’re poor.

Well, we did some things with them and those things were really, really good.

We started by marinating the lamb for 24 hours in a lemony garlic marinade.

We boiled some potatoes. I started the braising of the leeks.

Figure 8.2: Literally. With tears.

Anthony had officially become better than me at cooking rice, so he got going with that and the tzatziki. I tossed those marinated lamb shanks in a baking dish and Anthony chopped up some rainbow carrots to go with them.

Figure 8.3: This is the best meal I’ve ever made at home. No contest.

Into the oven they went while the potatoes were turned into a Greek dip called skordalia. Everything actually came out on time, together, which never happens. We even toasted some pitas after spreading butter on them and adding some basil and fresh squeezed lemon juice.

The end result was absolute, sheer bliss.

Figure 8.4: He has no concept of the mouthgasm he’s about to dive into.

I must insist that you all try all of these recipes now.

(The rice and tzatziki were our standard recipe, but Anthony is significantly better at making them than I am. I’ve realized my purpose in this world: force him to learn how to cook so that his natural talents may be cultivated.)

Lamb Marinade (We let it marinate overnight, flipped it over so the other side got a chance to soak up the wonderfulness, and let it marinate for the rest of the day.)

Skordalia (Greek Potato-Garlic Dip)

Braised Leeks (They smell fucking incredible while they cook.)

I’m a little too dazed and satisfied for advice right now, but I can say this:

  • The skordalia was great with the pitas, but the lamb was too good with the tzatziki to pass up that combo.
  • You need a tight-fitting lid to braise things without burning them. (We used a skillet of the same size turned upside down on top of our own.)
  • Always toss carrots (or potatoes) in with your meats when they go in the oven to roast. Not doing so is a sin.
  • Marinate your meat. There is literally no reason not to, and you will never regret it.
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