After Brexit, will Emerald City become the new startup hub in Europe?

“The Next Silicon Valley”, “The Next London” are mantras that are only recited by people who don’t get it.

It’s easy to forget that London was a nowhere startup town not so long ago, and the people that built it up to its inflection point didn’t have that kind of nationalist competitive outlook — they just did what needed doing for the local startups, which included connecting to other parts of Europe and creating density with a low volume of activity.

Trying to compete rather than participate is zero-sum, Isolationist thinking that hurts every startup community. This myopic view and in-fighting attitude is a big reason a lot of startup communities haven’t yet achieved their own potential.

Whether or not London’s level of connectively will be maintained is a question of it’s community leaders’ attitudes and Westminster’s policy. Neither are likely to change, so everyone else jostling for this meaningless crown of “startup capital” are simply misplacing effort that would be better spent building their own communities based on their local strengths.

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