Shitpost Safari: The Korean Lioness

Watching League of Legends fans meekly accept SK Telecom T1’s dominance in the MSI 2017 group stage made me yearn for happier times of yore. Ah, to return to those days when fans of non-Korean regions still had hope, when there was still joy to be gained from extinguishing it!

Nothing encapsulates that bygone spirit better than an infamous 2015 shitpost from a rare Korean fan of the EU LCS, which still stands today as a monument to hubris.

On July 11th of 2015, user “legend” made the following post:

In the absence of the Siberian tiger, the lioness is the strongest. The rest are merely wolves and foxes; not even at the level of hyenas. You’ve become enchanted with the lioness because she’s been crushing those wolves and foxes by an overwhelming margin.
The problem is that elsewhere, the Bengal tiger and male lion are growing stronger by constantly fighting against brown bears, hyenas, and lowland gorillas. However, our reaction to seeing the tiger and male lion struggling to scrap out wins against formidable opponents is to say “Look, our lioness has grown even stronger! It’s not even a lioness, it’s actually a grizzly bear wearing a lioness’s skin. FeelsGoodMan.”
Should we really be so arrogant within the confines of our forest, when in a few months, everyone will gather at the zoo to determine the king of the beasts? Just because a long time ago, dragons and tigers once roamed in our woods?
I’ll say it up front. If SKT was to face Fnatic now, I think Fnatic would win 3:2. Against EDG? That’s 3:0, or 3:1 if SKT plays really well. Right now, SKT is overrated. My opinion is this way because I’m a EU fanboy, because I root for the non-Korean teams. But even if you look at it objectively, Fnatic and EDG are at the very least equal with SKT, if not above them.

As it turns out, Korean fans don’t just meme better, but they do delusion better as well.

A few months later, an all-Korean final for the 2015 World Championship was confirmed, with SKT sweeping Origen 3–0 and the KOO Tigers defeating Fnatic by the same scoreline. The infamous post earned a mention in OGN caster Kim Dong-Jun’s post semis rant, as he slammed the doubters and basked in the LCK’s triumph. Meanwhile, Korean fans rushed to leave replies on the post, marking their “pilgrimage” to such a holy site.

Photo: Greg Willis via Wikipedia

Please, rest of the world, get better at League of Legends. I miss those times, and I miss those memes. And I’m guessing, maybe even if it’s hard to admit it right now, you miss the hope.

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