It’s a Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Support the Hillary Bomb

I’m voting for Clinton. I was a strong supporter of Sanders and still believe in him, but if Sanders is out, I think I can accomplish more by voting for Hillary then voting against her.

A Trump victory will not do anyone any good. At best it will just empower the mostly white, nationalist, racist, misogynist, stuck in the past, lunatic fringe of the right that supports him. A Trump victory would only give power to the wrong side of their already screwed up party. Better he have a narrow defeat, than succeed. That would shake things up even more for the Republicans, further divide the party between the religious nuts that support idiots like Huckabee and Cruz, and the teaparty “constitutionalist” racist nuts that support Trump.

Twelve months ago I would of gladly supported Clinton as she was the clear choice over any of the Republicans, then along came Sanders, she ran a dirty campaign, and unfortunately supporting her now feels like rewarding bad behavior, but that doesn’t change the fact that she is still the better choice.

To be completely fair Clinton comes by her dishonesty honestly. By that I mean that if you look at her history what she did makes sense. She’s not a gifted or even talented politician and she ran the one kind of campaign she knows how to run. I was politically active in the 80s and 90s and saw the Clinton’s first ascension into power. The Republicans had dominated the Whitehouse for over a decade and looked undefeatable. Clinton upset the political balance by essentially out-Republicaning the Republicans. The Clinton’s courted the Corporations, adopted Wallstreet friendly themes to erode Republican support, and played just as dirty as they did, and it worked. In response the Republicans went on a morality and neocon crusade that really did not work that well against the Clinton’s, and it eventually led to George W, the Tea Party movement and essentially a total meltdown of their party.

After the Bush disaster I have no doubt Hillary thought she was going to win with ease in 2008, then she lost to the better politician Barrack Obama. It had to be devastating. Hillary is a fighter and strategic thinker, if anything it was her strategies that got Bill into office and her resolution that kept his administration going against unprecedented adversity from the right. I think she ran Bill’s Whitehouse, and she not only can weather dirty politics and keep her head, she’s actually pretty good at it. After Obama she began to set up things up for this election, using the Clinton foundation to secure money and favors, getting key people like Wasserman Schultz into positions around the county where they can manipulate things to her political advantage. The fix was in only because she strategically set it up that way. Like I said she’s not a great politician but she is a great strategist.

Sanders didn’t come out of nowhere, but in reality he came out of nowhere. By that I mean that Clinton and the Democratic establishment knew of Sanders and even respected him, they tend to think of him as a mostly harmless unrealistic idealist. That is because they are stuck in the past. What they did not realize was there is a change in demographics and with the millennials coming up Sanders was not only a viable candidate, but in some ways superior to Clinton. So what do you do when you suddenly have a real viable challenge that you did not see coming? In this case it was kind of like the stages of grief.

First denial: They tried to pretend he was not a real threat. Then anger: Clinton’s people went after him in earnest using the various tools they had already set up to take Sanders out.

I wanted to see a real fair debate style campaign based on substantive issues, Clinton quickly realized she would lose that style of contest, and went dirty on Sanders. When faced with a real challenge she didn’t see coming Clinton ran the only campaign she really knows how to run, a Republican style cut throat campaign, the exact same kind of campaign she’s going to use in the coming election.

So now we are at I guess the bargaining stage.

Sanders to his credit is no fool. He knew exactly what he wanted, what he was getting into, and he knows exactly what he’s accomplished. Some people are saying Sanders sold out by supporting Hillary, these people do not get the real Sanders. Sanders could never sell out, it’s not in him. His endorsement is purely strategic because he knows that Clinton is the clear and necessary choice for the country. Yes… Clinton ran a dirty campaign. Yes… Sanders deserved better treatment then he got. Yes… Clinton’s supporters reflect the past old style big money politics, and Sanders people reflect the future, but it does not change the fact in this election Hillary is the better choice then Trump, and Sanders has succeeded in pushing forward a New Agenda that could ultimately become the future of the Democratic party if his supporters stay engaged and keep pushing for reform.

So Yes I’m going to vote for Hillary Clinton. I don’t really like her, she wasn’t my first choice, but it’s just this simple: electing Hillary gives the best opportunity to accomplish what I really want down the Road.