Diary of a Muslim Woman

Part 1 — maybe more will follow.

Before I start my journey (yes it’s going to be dramatic), I would like to apologise for my grammar and spelling. I know I should have paid more attention in English at school, but I didn’t, and this is the sad result.

Another disclaimer, I do not represent all Muslim women. We are a diverse group of people, some religious, some not so religious. The thing that unites us is our belief in God, and that Muhammad was the final messenger of God. However I represent Muslim women more than Fox TV, the Daily Mail, or any Islamophobic fool does. But there again, anybody would represent us better than they do.

I mean the Islamophobic fool would tell you, that I’m a sad oppressed lady who is told by the men in my family to cover up, and that I’m not allowed to work and earn my own money. You see this is why I call them fools, its cold outside and if people whoever they are, told me to go outside not fully covered, I’d tell them to go outside in shorts and a t-shirt and see how long they last. Regarding work, tomorrow I have to work in a office for 7–8 hours.

So today, a report came out written by a lady called, Louise Casey. It was about British people and integration, and yes you have guessed it, it was mainly about Muslims.

If only I got just £1 (or 90p due to Brexit) for every time Muslims were bashed by politicians or the media, I’d be a billionaire by now.

So what was this report about? Muslim women being oppressed, and Muslims being difficult and awkward again by not integrating. Surprise, surprise. I mean what can I say?

Would she call a nun who covers herself mostly in black, who isn’t allowed to get married ever, and has to live in an old building with other nuns, oppressed too? Would she tell the Priests who also can’t get married (and we have seen what that can lead to) that Christian women should be allowed to go out and work and integrate into society?

Are we going to get a report on how the Christian community needs to allow their women to progress? Of course not, this bashing is reserved exclusively for Muslims. Aren’t we the lucky ones (rolls eyes)?

One thing you got to realise, and I’m going to say it boldly, I’m not going to go to the pub on a Friday night, and get totally wasted. It’s just isn’t my thing. Now from what I’ve heard about it, is that the next morning some people don’t remember a thing and wake up with splitting headache. That’s so not my idea of having fun. And you have to pay for it! Are you kidding me?

I think the government and those who do these kind of reports really need to integrate with those who they write a report about, and then start writing the report. Now there’s an idea. I know, they will need to integrate, and they might be scared, but according to them we are oppressed and need saving — so this is their chance. In reality I think they are scared because they know that we are not oppressed and that we will probably laugh at them. Yes, surprise surprise, Muslim women do have a sense of humour (drums rolling in the background followed by a dud duh dah).

So unfortunately, we will just have to tolerate these reports because this isn’t the first and won’t be the last. More stupid people will write, without speaking to those who they are writing about. Luckily for them, we live in a tolerant society.

Something else happened today. This isn’t so funny. In Germany, Merkel has called for the banning of the Niqab (the face veil). So basically, she is telling us, that with all the Right Wing extremists in Germany, with all the problems in the country, a few women wearing the veil is a major priority and an enormous security threat? Really? Now I’m hearing laughing in my head, but this isn’t funny. The West prides itself in being liberal, being places where you are free to live as you want, that is unless you dress differently from the norm. How is that liberal? It isn’t. The West prides itself on values it doesn’t really believe in. The West allows you to live they way you want, as long as you want to live they way they want you to live.

Now you have to ask yourself, with the revolution that Europe had in the separation between the Church and the state, have things really changed? Is Europe now a tolerant place to live? Unfortunately, I don’t think it is anymore. You see, when the Church was in charge, Europe was intolerant of people who didn’t conform. Today, when the Church isn’t in charge anymore, Europe is once again becoming intolerant, and only accepts people who conform to their way of life.

You may not wear the veil, you may not even be Muslim, but do you really want to live in a society which is intolerant of others? Or do you want to live in a liberal society that believes truly believes in the equality of all.

Today they are against Muslims who don’t conform, who will they be against tomorrow?

I would love feedback, especially from Muslim women and women of other faiths or no faith. Please let me know what you think (and no, not of my spelling or grammar).

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