#57 I’ll wait lifetime for you. 😐😬

You hide behind your feelings and keep the truth locked away, but there is so much saidin the things you don’t sayYou innocently tell me our time has come and gone and that we can’t go back but I don’t believe itand this time you’re wrong the distance you put between usis nothing more than time lost; a place for your feelings to hide, Yet I can hear the love in your voice each time we talk My patience has no endwhen it comes to loving youand I will wait a life time for you to see the truth Real love doesn’t go away it doesn’t fade into the past, it goes on forever and always finds its way back I will wait a lifetime for you because you are my soul, and behind all of your doubt I know you can’t let goYou are my soul, and I am yours, too. If two people were ever meant to be, it’s me and you.

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