#57 The best Person

You make me laugh when I’m sad, When I’m depressed and i feel like the world is against me, You’re always there to give me a hug, To give me positive words and feelings You make me forget about all my troubles. When you annoy the hell out of me, with you’re starring game,... loll... i can never hold a straight face like you. You’re so strong for your age, yet so sweet and understanding.

You’re smarter than i will ever be. Hope u keep it up girl, and become that doctor so you can take care of me when I’m old and grey. In this crazy world of mine, all my "friends" left and you’re all Ive got left. thats why u mean more to me than my cars, more than the girls that have come and gone, more than my own life. Out of all the best friends I’ve had over the years...you are truly the best of all. I will go out of my way to make u and keep u happy.

anything you need u got it...and no I’m not spoiling you, I’mjust giving you the opportunity to get what i never got. to do things that i never did. go places whereI’ve never been. I only say this because i love you,

I love you more that my first love, I love you more than my last. I know we had our conflicts of and on, but all that is now in the past. there’s no way i can hold a grudge against you because you are my blood, you are My Sister, You are My Best Friendand I Love You...