#66 Believe in Yourself

It's completely illogical believing in anything
if you don't believe in yourself, 
believing in self means believing in God. 
Each and everyone has the ability to become great
if you are willing to take full responsibility of self. 
Self is where counting begins, you are always number one.

The more self confidence you have, 
the more fears you eradicate.
Your determination to defeat anything
and everything that comes in the way of success 
means you are ready to defeat fear. 
Holding on to fear is destruction of self.
Conquering your fears means overcoming the likes of poverty.

With confidence and tenacity the greatest leaders 
along with the brave men and women in uniform, 
the United States have conquered the world 
to become one of the greatest nation on earth.

Today I recognize and hold on to the fact that, 
I am number one, I take full responsibility of self, 
I am confident, tenacious and brave, 
I am capable and ready to conquer the world. 
And so it is.