#76 Secret Crush

Yeah, everybody has a secret I have one too Most of my friends know But what about you?

I can’t explain what I’m feeling Could it be true? I’m not sure but I think I’m falling for you...To be honest I think it’s quite possible It’s funny how this feeling grew...I’m falling once again But this time it’s for you...Tell me you like me Or at least give me a clue...I know this feelingI’ve felt it before But that was differentCause she walked out the door...I could be losing it.

But I’ll let the rain pour Because a day without you Is like hitting the floor...All over again I’ll fight this war...Standing here with you feels so right But some thing’s wrong...This rhyme is a little off But I’ll sing this song...It’s beautiful Because it’s melody is so lovely but somehow it doesn’t belong...It doesn’t have to be perfect So why don’t you sing along?

I’m being honestI can’t believe you broke my shell Everybody see’s it So I’m like "What the hell?"...Being around you makes me stupid Can’t you tell? You funny jerk Am I going to have to spell it out so you could see? I’m telling you I fell For you...Do you feel the same as well ? I told you the truth So now I’ll go Unless you stop me I’ll leave you alone...Say you feel the sameCause I don’t want another clone...

I like you for you And I know I don’t need a wishbone...A friend saw you looking todayJust as I thought of this silly rhyme...It’s not perfect but it’s good enough Liking someone is not a crime...So don’t be intimidated Considering you have plenty of time... Tell me today... tell me tomorrow Either way is fine...I don’t mind waiting Shoot I’ll give you extra time... Another moment is passing by So I’ll give you this.

And hopefully I won’t kiss It goodbye...Knowing me I’ll probably dismiss The event because in all reality I’m just too much of a sis To give you this poem...I’m too intimidated but I can’t miss Another chance to tell you the truth I can’t waste another minute in this 'What if?' abyss Especially without you...

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