#90 She was treated like a dirt 😬

She was Beautiful Everyone told her so,

And she loved him But she couldn’t let him know She had a boyfriend And he didn’t care,

He hit Her To leave him she didn’t dare,

she went on through high school With this same guy he would beat her and throw her around but never would she cry

that bruise come from her friends would ask I fell down the Stairs And that cut’s from the glass.

They believed all of her excuses and her lies Thats everyone except this one other guy,

He Had loved her ever since the seventh grade Ever since he saw her at that Christmas parade,

He wanted to help her but want could he do, He had to save her she was really getting hurt,

The guy pushed her Around He treated her like dirt,

He went to her House And knocked on the Door He looked in the window And saw blood on the floor..💔😱

There was a funeral The very next day He wanted to attend But what could he say he took a seat in the very last row,

He loved her so Much She just didn’t know

There was a note found under her bed He had no idea all kinds of thoughts flew in his head

"My boyfriend hits me But what can i do.." "And theres this really sweet guy…. I wish he liked me but he has no clue"

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