Is The Productivity of Your Medical Facility Suffering Because of Documentation Issues?

Healthcare is a field which is closely monitored and evaluated by various regulators to ensure that the public interest is protected. However, the increasing number of regulations makes it very difficult for medical personnel maintain reams of documents and provide the best service to the patients at the same time. The process of filling up unlimited forms takes up so much of time that patient care takes a back seat.

Another major problem which is faced by the Healthcare sector is the shortage of medical staff, which increases the burden on the existing medical workers. Less time is devoted to patient care and more time is wasted on paperwork and compliance. If your medical facility is facing the same issue, you need to consider taking the help of healthcare document management services.

The paperwork burden is so high that every time a patient enters the emergency department care, one hour spent on paperwork. Similarly, surgery and inpatient care, nursing care as well as home health care require 30 to 40 minutes of paperwork. In such cases, healthcare document management services can prove to be very handy.

Here are a few ways in which these services can help you in managing your practice better:

Digitization of documents

Healthcare document Management Service providers aid, medical facilities to digitize and convert patient records and information as well as transaction documents into electronic records. The administrative staff at the medical facility does not have to spend much time on the documentation process. This helps in reducing the operational costs.

Thousands of documents and images which are required to be stored by the medical facility in the form of patient charts, information forms, Insurance claim forms, treatment authorization forms, explanation of benefits and so forth can be easily managed through the installation of an integrated document management system. The days of manually filling forms are over. Healthcare document management service providers make it very easy for medical personnel to carry out the documentation process efficiently.

Reduction in paperwork

With the digitization of documents, the requirement of hard copies becomes irrelevant. All the information is stored securely on an online platform which is integrated with the IT system used by a medical facility. There is a reduction in carbon footprint because the documentation process becomes paperless. It has been found that 45% of the paper which is utilized in documentation ends up in the trash can. Moreover, the administrative staff of a medical facility, on many occasions, cannot locate the paperwork related to a particular patient and so reprints the document.

Such wastage of paper is prevented with the help of digital healthcare document management services. The space taken up by the hard copies of the records of thousands of patients also gets reduced. The medical facility becomes green, clean and productive. Digital storage of the documents can help the administrative staff to locate information easily serve the patients quickly.

Cost saving benefits

Healthcare document management service providers help medical facilities to reduce the administrative and documentation cost to a large extent. The need for reprinting a lost document is eliminated because the electronic copy of the document is available to the staff whenever required. The cost of the floor space that was taken up earlier by endless documents also gets slashed because there is no need for the hard copies any longer.

The medical facility does not need to employ additional staff to look after the documentation process or make the existing staff work extra hard to carry out this task. This reduces the operational cost and the employees can also focus on improving the quality of care provided to the patients. The increase in the number of patients that a medical facility can treat due to the reduction in the time spent on administrative work, signifies more revenue for the medical facility. This proves that the healthcare documentation management service providers not only reduce the operational cost but also increase revenue generation.

Increase in security

Yet another benefit of using healthcare document management services is that the possibility of losing important documents becomes nil. The danger of stealing and compromising of documents becomes non-existent. Electronic storage of documents as well as the encryption system that is integrated with the software, help the medical facility to keep the documents safe even in times of disaster.

Also, the risk of misplacing a file is reduced because there is no hard copy which the staff can forget to put back in the right place. One more benefit of filing document electronically is that medical facility can keep track of the people who access the content of the files. All these measures increase the security of the documentation process.

Greater compliance

Paper-based files can get damaged or lost. The loss of such important documents can lead to major financial management problems. Documents contain information which is required for claims management. If the insurance company does not get the required documents in the proper condition, it can result in a loss of the insurance amount and the medical facility can suffer a financial setback. Healthcare Document Management service providers, help medical facilities to protect sensitive data in the right format.

The sorting of data according to the various stages of the patient treatment can help the staff in accessing the right information at the right time. The data can be divided into individual files which are relevant to the separate departments. The speed of workflow increases and compliance with the regulations can also be easily maintained. The chances of errors get reduced significantly and retrieval of records takes a few seconds only.

Better patient care

This is the most important benefit of using healthcare document management services. As the time spent on the process of documentation decreases, the medical staff can focus on providing better health care services to the patients. The treatment process becomes accelerated as paperwork is no longer an obstacle. The reduction in errors and processing time allows the staff to make use of the resources efficiently in order to help the patients get healthy quickly.

All these benefits prove that healthcare document management services can help you to reduce regulatory burden and increase productivity of your medical facility.

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