I Sleep the Sleep of the Turtle

I sleep the sleep of the turtle (memory)
Clad in woad drift through time (time)
Whales sing and swim (echo)

I long for the woods and cars that shine
With freedom roam suddenly unfettered
Enjoying life again I go here now

On the rain-spattered neon street walk
Into the plastic-wired booth phone speak
Words transmitted grow aware of the world

I hear a chorus from the humming lines
Threading birds across the sky I breathe
The fog from the bay absorb into my stream

This night also tumbles in space I know
The childhood stars I you he she we see
My fingers tingle with reality breaking through I

I may dream this night of fire in the throat of time
I may grasp a cinder of earth in sleep
I may drown in the water of love made real
I may spread upon the air that carries the wind of memory

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