The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water

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Photo from my Finnish home town, April 2019. In Finland the Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water loves the time of year when the ice has started melting from the lakes and many people think it will still stand their weight.

The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water is a British public service short film from 1973 featuring the voice of Donald Pleasence five years before John Carpenter’s original Halloween:

I believe one reason most imaginative people like horror of one variety or another is that ever since childhood we recognise that only a world with some horror in it matches actual psychological reality — life as it is experienced.

This is one reason I love Ray Bradbury, H. P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, The Twilight Zone, classic horror films and comics, and so on. And why my first book, which is suitable for all ages and which I classified on Amazon as fiction for young people, has a definite — completely non-graphic — horror dimension as well.

It’s part of life and we don’t do children a service if we completely shield them from that. Besides, children live far more in the realm of imagination than most adults do. We can help them arm themselves through imagination for the real dangers out there.

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