What the Olympics Can Teach Corporate America About its Horrible Diversity Problem
Howard H. Yu

Hmmm. Diversity IS a good thing and WILL enhance performance in any team, BUT …..

The fact that America has won so much gold is NOT a good example. In fact it is a very BAD one, because of two reasons:

  1. America is simply a YUUUUUUUUUUUGE developed country, with the yuuuuugest talent pool. Lotsa people plus money plus absence of wars, etc. equals loads of medals. Also, the American dominance started out with the 1904 St. Louis Olympics: “Only 62 of the 650 athletes who competed came from outside of North America, and only 12–15 nations were represented in all. 80% of competitors were from the United States, and in over half of the events these were the only competitors. In some cases the U.S. national championship was combined with the Olympic championship.”
  2. Swimming. The US swim team is still lily white, despite the other Simones gold and silver. Olympic swimming is one of the wryest, most painful and poignant confirmation of the Present World Order, which says Money gets medals: The worst competitors are Third world countries, than the smaller Asian and Eastern European countries, then Western European countries, then Anglo Saxon countries and then America. This can be clearly seen in how the heats are structured. My point is, that American swimming is not diverse at all. In fact, for a LONG time, US biology PROFESSORS maintained that blacks couldn’t swim fast because of their body shape … until a mulatto beat Matt Biondi in the 100m butterfly 1988. Before that a mulatto woman already beat everyone in 1976 but lost to the fully doped East Germans.

Nevertheless, diversity is a good thing in business for all the reasons mentioned. However, ignoring the YUUUUUGE financial and infrastructural advantages America has as the biggest reason for America topping the medal tables and ascribing it all to diversity is a flawed argument.

The good news for America is that a Clinton presidency may continue to include ALL Americans into the talent pool, of which Douglas&co. are prime examples. By the way, the gymnastic team had a zero percentage of WASPs … in a traditionally white sport. 1996 Atlanta notwithstanding.

The bad news is that America SHOULD HAVE WON WAY more medals than it has, especially in Winter Olympics. The amount of talent America wastes because of their fractured 50-state approach is HUMONGUOUS. China, a country nine times poorer than America, beat America on the medal table with 42% MORE golds than Team USA (51 vs 36). America was however, the bronze medal champion.

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