Bartimaeus writes a poem to John Mandrake

Hello master…

You’ve summoned me again,

Against my wishes, our promises in vain.

But wait, is it you?

Your tight pants and shiny shoes,

Your long hair, unappeasing.

Nose up the boss’s ass,

Ambition driving up your head,

What’s your job?

Oooh, you’re in the government!

What’s it this time?

What are we stealing?

Who are we killing?

Where are we going?

Oh master,

Heed my advice, be your age,

Be a little nice. Common as it maybe,

Goodwill’s not in your kitty.

Your enemies are on the prowl,

Duvall and Whitell and the many hounds.

The Golem and the Father are both -

Coming for you.

I wonder if you’ll get lucky a second time,

Or face the government’s radar?

But wait what is it I see?

You blush at the name of Jane Farrar?