The bus took too long to move

The poem was inspired by a slow, traffic and rain-filled day in Mumbai as I read about the Brexit and other news of the world.

Status: *Feeling angry* at the rapists, the men who make life hell for those who can do nothing.

Comments: Why aren’t you angry at the policy makers?

Why aren’t you crying for the refugees and the dying trees?

Why do you fixate on the vulnerable celebrities?

Unities are falling,

the country is dying,

Superpowers are going to be controlled by supervillains,

And you’re angry about one remark about rape?

Brussels and Paris and Baghdad and India…

Why don’t you speak of Iraq, Turkey and Syria?

Kids, their education,

Corruption, poverty and pollution,

Politics and nationalism

democracy and crony capitalism -

Thinking of humanity’s whorism.

Why this biased worry, why this selective outrage?

Who will speak for the others, how will the hashtags change?

Status: Stuck in traffic, God help me. Need a drink, like right now!