My cup of tea

Six o’clock already
 I was just in the middle of a dream
 I was kissin’ Valentino
 By a crystal blue Italian stream
 But I can’t be late
 ’Cause then I guess I just won’t get paid
 These are the days
 When you wish your bed was already made
 It’s just another manic Monday……..
Just like the famous 80s band ‘The Bangles’ said in there song, the hustle bustle of the corporate life no longer restricts itself to just manic Mondays but pretty much pans out across the entire week. In this day and age of the corporate rut most of us often find ourselves trapped in the infinite loop of stringent deadlines and exhausting work hour shifts with scarce time for relaxation of any sorts.

The arduous journey of meeting the deadlines on a critical project or working extra hours to meet urgent client requests are situations that most of us can relate to. In times like these when the clock ticks faster than usual people often step out to the nearest tea junction or the local street tea vendor for a hot cup of tea for a dose of extra energy and boost to get through those deadlines and the insane client requests.

We often see clusters of IT professionals near the tea vendor sipping on hot cup of tea while catching up on the latest office gossip or figuring out a solution for critical issues, and sometimes this simple cup of tea and a bite of freshly prepared omelet/Maggi is all it takes to come up with a groundbreaking solution to a complex existing problem or a new business strategy for the next client meeting.

These street tea shops/ or tea vendors are also the local street ‘adda’ for many people to catch up and discuss matters of daily affair, politics or anything else under the sun. We see quite often a swarm of people huddled around the local tea vendors early mornings or late evenings catching up and relishing a good conversation with their peers over a cup of two.

One often wonders if it’s the unique properties of tea that help most of us refresh our minds and think clearly or is it just the mere emotional and cultural connect to the drink? After all, tea is known to be an integral part of our culture and society. It has been a welcome drink offered to guests in many households.

The goodness and the ‘magical’ taste of tea is indeed indisputable. Tea is known to have a lot of anti-oxidant and medicinal properties.

A good cup of the Indian ‘chai’ also symbolizes ‘home’ for many people. While teas like green, Earl Grey, English breakfast hold their own unique flavor and taste, the Indian chai is the one that most often connects to the soul for most of us. Maybe that is why one sees a tremendous growth in the number of tea vendors and ‘teafes’ across the country offering a wide range of Indian tea preparations that range from Cardamom, Ginger to ‘Cutting’, Masala and many more. So take your pick and indulge in the goodness of tea.