Steps to Hiring the Best Web Developers

Sakshi Sharma
Nov 5, 2019 · 4 min read
Steps to hiring the best web developers
Steps to hiring the best web developers

We are living in a tech-driven business world, where having a great developer helps your Online businesses to create amazing customer experiences that beat the competition.

About 24 percent of employers admit that they have notable difficulties when searching for candidates, according to the State of Software Development Report and the worst part is that over 50 percent of businesses hire tech employees who don’t meet their top job requirements. To make wider recruitment decisions, you should have a clear idea of the basics of a web developer, what kinds of development languages are popular, and what employment models you can leverage to onboard the resource.

It is highly advisable to craft a detailed job description once you are done with the preliminary research and find the best place to advertise your job vacancies.

Today’s ultra-competitive job market requires a unique hiring process and approach and there are numerous techniques and tips to hire top-notch software developers.

Some tips that could help you in your hiring decision includes:

1. Publishing your Jobs

This is the very first step or process to let people know that you are looking for developers. While choosing your job advertisement medium, you should be very picky. Here are some sites that you can consider to find a web development company or a web designer:

• For designers and developers — AngelList, Upwork, and Krop

• For developers — Stack Overflow and GitHub

You could find platforms and sites which are free but you might have a good source from paid platforms as well. Eventually, your choice must depend on your budget criteria. Leveraging your referral network is also the best technique to hire top talents. You can make use of professional networks like Linkedin to explore top tech talents since in this connected world, recruiting through Linkedin is yielding surprising results.

2. Look for passion, then work experience:

You will start to receive job inquiries and profiles as soon as you post your job advertisement. While experience is important for any web developer and the success to be a super programmer is the passion that they have towards this profession.

A passionate web developer will have the key indicators such as drive, determination, persistence, curiosity which turns them to be a perfect fit for your company. Such a web developer will require minimal supervision and will accomplish all your tasks on time. Have this in your mind when you do your interview process.

Developers with passion will be agile to the latest technologies and thus eventually, in the long run, your business will be complying with the global standards.

3. Initialize with a small project First:

Once you have found someone whom do you think as the right fit, share them a small, non-critical project. This helps you to observe the person in action and provide additional information beyond the job interview. This task-oriented approach helps to test the efficiency of the candidate in delivering products and how buggy the final product is. Apart from this, you can also get an overall idea about communication skills, creative ability, and other parameters.

4. Hire slow, fire fast

You can take your own time to make your hiring decision. Being slow in this process will help you to hire quality resources that are capable of matching your expectations. In case, you feel that the hired resource is not meeting the standards that you expected, you should fire them as soon as possible since it will ruin your ongoing efforts for sure. This might be a difficult decision for startups where mostly the team might be their relatives or close ones. But, if things are not stopped at the right time, second chances would cost you much heavier than expected.

5. Consider Outsourcing as well!

The outsourcing market approach has become a very reasonable solution for many successful projects. Most commonly entrepreneurs and SMB owners are augmenting this model more since this is highly cost-effective and highly result-oriented.

In general, it doesn’t really matter where your developers are located as long as they are skilled, experienced and have great communication skills and if you choose a perfect IT outsourcing partner who has all the preferred skills, it will help you in cost-cutting the hiring expensed, leveraging the highly-demanded expertise, and having a well-managed budget proximity as well.

Most decisions in the tech industry usually require careful consideration, time and even some efforts. I hope this blog would help you in boosting your hiring process and stay connected for more interesting blogs in the future.

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