Perception is one of the single most important and valuable concepts/ filters that exists in our limited human society. Alongside the beautiful connection that mankind shares with one another comes this channel of noise, or our predisposed perception of a person or a situation. Do not judge a person by the time spent with them, judge them by how they acted and treated you within that time, and most importantly their actions in the lack of your presence.

Did they reciprocate your friendship? Did they reciprocate your honesty? Did they reciprocate your passion? Do not allow time to be a determining factor in judging the value of a relationship, because the in-genuine, who have no concept of ‘value’ will use you as a filler, and possibly for years. God puts us all in situations that may seem unfruitful and to leave us in a ‘loss’. People who lack a true sense of self and respect are joined with those who are respectful and self aware. As to teach, respect and self awareness. Those who lack the virtues of true friendship, Love and Honesty will be matched with someone who exhibits the hallmark of these concepts, true heart and passion. To those who are trusting, clean hearted and well intentioned, You will be faced by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Who will present you the biggest lie you have come across in your life. And you will believe. Because you are true. You are a believer.

One day the Alpha and the Omega will pull the plug on these sorts of interactions. You were placed in this relationship to learn. And though the lesson will not be obvious in the immediate, you will soon come to the actualization that God put you in this toxic situation so that you can grow, learn and evolve. Extraneous voices and conversations are all the devil’s murmur, to allow this toxicity to keep flowing through the veins of your life into your future. Extinguish all of these voices.

One day when the dust has settled, you are a lone tree standing in an orchard, left with the sum of all of your decisions and actions. And only in time and in distance, after the naturally occurring events in human life will maybe that counterpart of yours learn why you were joined, what you had and ultimately why God pulled you apart. And above all, never hate, always love. because as much as you want to see a situation for what it is on the surface. Always remember to think about, ‘What if the glove was on the other foot’. A Human being is only as good, as accomplished, as moral and virtuous as their surroundings and this is not the fault of the human. If you are subjected to the norms of a lying, cheating and greedy atmosphere you too will lie, cheat and be greedy. If you are subjected to the norms of being truthful, genuine and generous, then you have a lot to be thankful for because you are above the learning curve. But nobody is perfect and with a little self-actualization, experience and life’s hidden lessons all parties will evolve and heal with time. There are no bad people or evil souls, just those that are misguided by people with personal intentions and ulterior motives.

If one day you are standing alone like a tree, strong from your experiences remember that you are not a tree. If you don’t like your current position, change it. Do not be mad for putting yourself out on a limb for something that you believe in, in a time where people are concerned for the temporary physical accommodations of life such as money, cars and luxury items; all that can be assessed from this need is a deep emotional sense of poverty. People looking to fill a lack of emotional and mental wealth with physical belongings. All you can do is make peace with yourself. That person who you offered truth, could no longer accept that truth because they are so twisted up in a lie that they genuinely couldn’t handle continuously treating someone that genuinely treated them so well, so poorly. We are all human beings, we all make mistakes, live and let live. Everything in life falls into place, yet always keep in mind that you have a choice.

You are born with the gift of #humanity. God gave us all a brain not just to think but to contemplate, a heart not just to feel but to #Love, eyes to not only have sight but #vision and a mouth not just to speak but to Express. Wherever you are, that’s exactly where you are meant to be. Move past the immediate emotional reactions and be virtuous — only the. immediate parties involved know the actual #truth. Accept every experience as a test. Never refuse yourself the truth. Because in places and times of high emotion come skewed perceptions. As an artist I believe that struggle is the ultimate builder of character. Without struggle you have no emotion. And with no emotion you can not build characteristics such as love, honesty, loyalty passion and most importantly trust. Because if there is no trust, then everything that is perceived as too good to be true, takes the form of its inherent nature.

Change is unavoidable as it is the law of the universe. As the trials and tribulations of #life condition your perception, the realities of what is true reveal themselves. As Great #French Author Jules Renard Said, ‘La vérité vaut bien qu’on passe quelques années sans la trouver.’ In other words ‘Truth is more valuable if it takes you a few years to find it.’