Confessions of an ex-tech journalist 
Bekah Grant

The plight of the journalist

Bekah, I think this is a great piece that you’ve put up here and says a lot about the industry we find ourselves in. As a journalist working at a start up, I can completely relate to what you experienced over those 20 months. In my opinion the problem with the industry is not primarily the internet, but rather the dicotomy of the news organization itself. Journalists are called to write… as you said, no one gets into this for the money. But owners, owners are called to make money and when the internet fosters an environment of quantity over quality they lean on the editors who lean on the reporters and leave us feeling like a week’s old steak dinner. I hope your words will educate those who look at the media as an enemy and realize we’re not any different then those working in any other skill-based service industy. Good luck with your writing, can’t wait to see what comes next.

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