Let Every Touch, Every Kiss Tell a Story…

On a fundamental level what makes a story? It has to have at least three parts right? What some would call a beginning, a middle, and an end, but for the purposes of pleasure we’ll call them something different in a second… but, first an exercise.

On the tip your finger there is a stretch of skin between your fingernail and the pad of your finger that feels softer and less “grippy” than the pad of your actual finger tip.

Take that spot and trail it gently across the skin of the wrist of your inner arm. Draw slooow looping lines with your finger up your inner arm, to your outer arm, and then back in again, cycling slowly from the feel of inner skin to outer as you make your way toward the crease in the pit of your elbow where it bends inward.

As you get to that crease, slooooow down even more and draw out the sensation and tension that occurs as you trail along the edge of that crease, without actually breaking the crease and touching the center of that soft skin at the pit.

Instead, slowly draw your finger down the edges of that crease to the soft skin past your elbow and along the inner arm towards your arm-pit. Notice how the feelings change as you cycle through the different kinds of skin and how they build upon each other like a story. How you can create an open-loop, that builds and builds if you loop back and run along the edges of the crease in your elbow pit, increasing tension.

What this is about is learning to differentiate between the skins sensitivity types and how you can then stack those differences to create an experience.

1. Skin along the inner arms, thighs, etc.
 2. skin along the outer arms, thighs, etc.
 3. Skin along the folds and creases of the body like the back of the knees and elbows, crease of the neck, clitoris, nipples, penis, inside the vagina (g-spot), etc. (notice how the most sensitive parts of us are hidden in the creases and corners of our body. Like how the penis and clit actually have specialized ways of retracting and hiding)

If those three types are the elements of pleasure, then:
 #1 introduces the pleasure (beginning of the story or chapter)
 #2 grounds and contrasts the initial pleasure (middle)
 #3 is the climax that you edge along, building tension and anticipation (climax or end)

So if we made it like music or a rhyme scheme, the exercise above would have a rhythm of 1,2,1,2,1,2, Threeeeeee,1,2,1,2,Threeeeee, 1,2,1,2, 3 ad infinitum

What we did with the arm, you can do with many other parts of the body, like the neck, thighs, or lips. The lips actually have 3 different kinds of skin as well, and as you kiss you can cycle between the different parts of the lips brushing against each other and build tension.

Further, much like a book can cycle between characters as it goes from chapter to chapter, a seducer can cycle between different body parts, leaving open loops of pleasure and tension that increases each time you return back to the character/body part you had previously left on a cliffhanger. In effect, with the understanding above, you can leave every part of his or her body a tingling open-loop cliff-hanger of a story aching for that final tipping over the edge into climax. Plus, each area on the body has different intensities of sensation for their respective 1,2, and 3 parts. The difference between a woman’s arm and her vagina for example. But, make no mistake playing with this pattern just on the arm can be enough to make a woman orgasm, especially when you add pain to the mix (biting the inner wrist just as the pleasure edges, which adds a new dimension to the story, especially when it’s unexpected).

BUT, what I gave you above is just the bones of the story. The flavor and energy of the story comes from your intent to touch and the emotion behind it and the overall cohesion of the “story” depends on your ability to keep a rhythm, differentiate that rhythm, and make of it music. Think back on the emotional space you were in when you first tried my exercise. What happens if you slowly breathe and relax and fill yourself with feelings of sex and pleasure? How does that change the experience?

So, with the above, you’ve now got the bones of understanding, but authenticity, spirit, enjoyment, and rhythm will be the rest you need to really make your story sing.

I hope this helps some of you all. It’s a joy to have the freedom and ability so that every touch can have a story and an identity. It changes your touch from some one or two-dimensional thing, to something much more that is a pleasure to share with others.