Once You Have Made Pornography
Lorelei Lee

Thank you

Thank you for pouring your heart out and showing your strength of spirit and love amidst the shittiness of prejudiced humanity. You didn’t choose to be the scapegoat for everyone’s feelings of shame and prejudice. They put that on you when each of those people made the mistake of not putting in the effort to see for themselves who you actually are. I know what’s that like in my own way, to be slotted into this category of pariah in society, where it becomes somehow socially acceptable to be dumped on.

But, with this writing your humanity, your youness is too bright to be ignored. Every revolt in history is a revolution against the marginalization of our humanity and to me you are a revolutionary and a hero. Everyday that you face that blind, hateful wave and do your best not to let it twist and scar you. And along the way, just by being you, others are touched by your story and they feel connected in that struggle we all face in some way.

… I guess the thing I most want to say after reading this is that I see you. I see your pain, but I see your love, strength, and humanity even more.

Thank you for being you and showing how that means something.