2020 March Saladness Bracket

S’UP Everyone,

Thank you to everyone who voted on this year’s inaugural March Saladness bracket. There were some upsets along the way but in the end the championship was all chalk with top sellers the Saddle UP Salad and Kale Caesar Wrap going head to head. Please see final results below:

Side 1:

#1 Saddle UP Salad over #8 Greek Geek Salad

#5 Pure Michigan Salad over #4 Wild Thai Salad

#2 Kale Caesar Salad over #7 Buffalo-Ranch Bowl

#3 Bro-rito Wrap over #6 Badger State Salad

#1 Saddle UP Salad over #5 Pure Michigan Salad

#2 Kale Caesar Salad…

Salads UP

Growing Fast-Casual restaurant coming to a town near you. Located in Ann Arbor, MI & Madison, WI. www.saladsup.com

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