Holiday Eating Guide

It’s holiday season! A time spent with family, friends, and of course…food. Now I’m sure many of you have read blogs filled with useful tips to survive the holiday food binge. “Pick a strategy and stick with it!” “Eat smaller portions!” “Skip that extra slice of cake!” And while these things aren’t wrong they often times cause mental stress during what should be an enjoyable and relaxing time. This mental stress about eating can lead to doing things like consuming an entire pizza because you made yourself crazy thinking about it.

With that said these are a few useful tips that will not necessarily prevent some weight gain and potential bloating during this special time of year, but may help you and your body feel better while it’s happening.

  1. Drink water! Water is healthy, everyone knows this. It’s necessary for optimal bodily function. But it’s even more useful during holiday meals that can be particularly high in sodium. Water will help dilute that excess sodium and counteract the bloating that goes along with water retention from high sodium meals. Also, water can help control appetite. It’s very easy to confuse hunger with thirst. Drink a couple of glasses of water and see if you still want to go in for thirds (clearly going in for seconds thats not negotiable).
  2. If there is something green at the table…eat it! Whether it’s a salad, green beans in a casserole, or even creamed spinach,try and get a serving or two of that in during a day of festive eating. Greens help the digestion process and contain all kinds of nutrients. Don’t skimp out on the entrees, but your body will thank you for the aid of some greens.
  3. Eat dessert, but also eat fruit! Dessert is a crucial part of holiday eating. Pies, cakes, it’s all going to be there and you clearly are having some. Fruit though pairs nicely with these options and has valuable nutrients. Even more importantly, fruit is full of fiber which will keep your digestive system functioning right during these trying times.
  4. Speaking of fiber, get some! Whether it’s from fruit, veggies, a handful of almonds, a bean casserole, even fiber gummies, it’s super important to keep some sort of fiber intake going during holiday eating season. You don’t want to be hanging out on New Years Day unable to remember when the last time you went to the bathroom was. Very uncomfortable.
  5. Don’t stress! This is the last and biggest point. Don’t go crazy restricting calories before a holiday party. If you want to eat a nutrient rich salad during the day knowing you’re going to be having a large dinner, that’s fine! If you don’t, that’s also fine! It’s a month of your life in the grand scheme of things. Just do some of the little things mentioned earlier so you don’t feel miserable.