Our Crispy Creations

Here at Salads UP, we understand how to play to our strengths.

Fresh, Delicious, Quick.

Healthy, Tasty, Convenient.

These are just some of the words that we live by, and what you’ve come to expect from us.

But there’s a new word we want you to think of when you’re day dreaming of a S’UP salad, just waiting for class to end…CRISPY.

Yes, the word is Crispy.

We’re asking everyone to throw caution to the wind and transform their favorite salad into a crispy wrap, grilled on our new panini-press.

Enjoy our Kale Caesar? Wait until you’ve tried it hot-pressed and can see the grill marks before every bite.

Enjoy the Robb’s Cobb? Finally taste that turkey bacon after its gotten a chance to sizzle right before your eyes.

The intense burst of flavor is not the only reason why we urge you to chase the char. Here are some more, if you weren’t already sold:

  1. Eating without utensils is fun!
  2. Speed eating salads, while nutritious, is not the simplest task. Wraps on the other hand…
  3. Speaking of hands, you’ll have your other hand free while eating to type, high five, Snap etc.
  4. Grill marks are an aphrodisiac
  5. It’s easy to split a wrap with a friend without argument since it can be cut in half
  6. Winter is coming so you’re free to get those extra carbs in for fuel
  7. Did we mention they’re fantastic?

Don’t just take our word it. Head into Salads UP, ask to make your salad a crispy wrap.

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