More Life

A place with more life, that’s what she needs.

It’s all in her mind, her heart skips a beat just by the thought of it’s beauty. It gives her a rush of emotion, one that nothing else is able to give her.

Every morning feels like she just got here, making her want to get out of bed, just to get lost in the beauty of this place.

The window to her room sends her love from the ocean ; the smell, the sound, the view. It wakes her up with such a peaceful sound, her heart is at ease with its alarm of love.

The mother of peace. She is full of peace. Her soul is at ease. No one to please and no more worries. They are all lost in the ocean.

She loves life. That’s why she is always growing fruits in her little garden. She plants real fruits. They start off as a seed, then grow slowly. Some have bruised edges, marks on them, others grow small, others big. But she loves every fruit, because none is perfect, and that’s how it should be.

This place allows her to be as free as the birds flying above in the sky. No, she doesn’t have wings, but she doesn’t need them. Her mind takes her away, far away where birds can’t even fly to.

A place with more life, she knows it’s out there somewhere. She can feel it, she can hear it. She must make her way to this place. She must reach her destination. She belongs here. The mother of peace is on her way. When she arrives, she will say goodbye to her worries and throw them far in the ocean, like little pebbles. She will throw them far enough that no eye will ever see it.

And for her fruits, she will come to care for them with love, just like she imagined.

She will soon be as free as the birds.

A place with more life, that’s what she needs.