When I look at waves, I can’t believe such an incredible thing could be created, moving and gliding so freely. I even think sometimes, “I wish to be a wave.” When I go to the beach, I sit on the sand and look at the view, feeling jealous for how free the water is. I think about my life for a second. If you think of it, I was once like a wave. There was a time where all my worries didn’t exist, where I woke up with a smile from ear to ear, and I was eager to be the best person I could be. I could never imagine my life to be how it is right now. Just like I always thought that waves never got blocked or interrupted by anything, not even by the biggest boat or rock. Until my life got more complicated. High school, boys, fake friends, bullies, depression etc, were the rocks, while I was the waves. They were stopping me from moving with freedom, and I was being blocked by all these rocks. In these rocks you find all the problems and obstacles in my life. Now the biggest rock you think, comes with the biggest problem, but that wasn’t the case. The smallest rock, was the heaviest. And that problem contained my family. My family was the reason why I wasn’t successful and happy… Or so I thought…

It was getting harder and harder to ignore the rocks destroying my beautiful wave. There were more and more rocks appearing, everywhere my waves tried to pass through was blocked. So, I decided to give up. I let the rocks destroy my freedom of gliding and didn’t bother to create new waves. I then remembered that there was more water around me trying to pass their own rocks too.

Today, I got a job. But I still feel as if I’m trapped. But wait! One of the rocks dissapeared. Or did it? No, I went over the rock. Day by day, more and more of my water went over the rocks, in between, anywhere that led me to the other side of the ocean. Now I see that water doesn’t ever always glide freely. These waves had to go over huge rocks and other obstacles. But they still manage to make it to the sand. And I promise, that I won’t let my waves stop going over the rocks. It will only make them stronger.