We’re Getting a Skatepark

As many of you know we are in the process of moving into a new space. We are very excited about this move because while we love our current space we desperatly need a bigger and better equipped home. Currently we are using one (non-air conditioned) space to do woodworking, painting, assembly/fulfillment and retail. In our new space we will have designated woodworking area with dust collection, a spray booth (with ventilation and fans) an assembly/fulfillmet area, an office, and a small retail space. Not only will we have all of this but we will also have a skate spot built in our parking lot.

The project is being funded through a non-profit which is the brain child of country music star Kip Moore. His people got in contact with us about a year ago after seeing our business featured on CBS Sunday Morning. We had some space constraints but are very happy with the final design. It will be built by American Ramp Company and is completely concrete.

We are very excited about having this skate spot for neighborhood kids to come and use at no cost. Next time you are in the Nashville please look us up and come by.

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