We Started a Non-Profit!

Since 2012 Salemtown Board Co. has worked to craft the best hand-made skateboards possible and use the process to employ, train, and mentor young men growing up in a low-income part of our city. We have been very fortunate in being able to do what we want the way that we want for a few years now. This past year we have wrestled with how to better multiply our impact. It is our desire to both make beautiful things in our awesome woodshop but we also want to do as much good in our neighborhood as possible.

After speaking to some people much smarter than ourselves we decided to start Maple Built. Maple Built is a six month paid apprenticeship program for high-school aged young men. The program equips our apprentices with necessary job skills while also helping them set goals for their futures and creating actionable steps to reach their potential.

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There have been those that have asked “So what about Salemtown Board Co, is it dissolving?” The short answer is No. We will continue to make skateboards and stuff to go with them. We believe that one of the best ways we can serve our current and future employees is by running a great business that models what hard work looks like.

It is our dream to be an incubator of excellent employees coming alongside many young men and assisting them in their pursuit of their own vocational and financial potential. Please consider partnering with us as we strive to hire and mentor by making a tax-deductible donation here.

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