Does LinkedIn even think about B2B eCommerce?

Got this message from a senior exec at a bank I’m prospecting:

LinkedIn from a Senior Exec to a Prospecting Message I Sent
  • Buyer control over engagement based on reputation — First level is a list of vendors. But then imagine that LinkedIn had a vendor review capability like G2Crowd, a B2B software rating site? Real users giving real evaluations and praise and criticism, if you haven’t used it, go check it out. It’s legit. I mean, LinkedIn is a frikking social network, yet say Uber and AirBnB do a much better job at managing reputations and rankings/user views than LinkedIn has ever thought about. So you could select the vendors with high recos/good reviews from people potentially in your network or at least in similar roles.
  • Engagement models — The buyer could register a formal interest in the vendor but controlling the interaction. Imagine LinkedIn allowed options such as: Initial Info Request, RFP, Intro Briefing etc. Or more cool? What if LinkedIn built out an online vendor showcase area that was only visible to people the vendor allowed in? A digital trade show booth that is always running? Imagine LinkedIn was like a digital trade show? Given that all businesses are on it, how does LinkedIn not see this possibility?
  • Individual Sellers — Let buyers see who the people at the vendor are connected to in their network. Even better? How about a a reputation management aspect, particularly for sales reps, sort of like a “Yelp” for sellers? This alone would provide incentives for much better behavior by reps.

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