The Motivational SHOCK Thorium

Are we getting less motivated when we grow up? or we over promised ourselves?.

Things were more exciting when we were younger, the first flight was the most interesting one?

or it’s normal because of how many times we got turned down by other people over and over again, maybe it’s because we suffered in life more than other people who born fortunate, or maybe suffering is our strongest asset?

The question we need to ask is simpler than that, just like the apple/gravity discovery questions by Isaac Newton.

What if we are limiting ourselves, because our highest expectations are low!

Are you expecting to earn USD150,000 this year, sound good right?

This is the problem some people limit themselves to USD 150K so they will never make a million dollar or more, it’s not in their dictionary, no matter how much you search.

What if all we need to stay motivated is a SHOCK then we enjoy all flights no matters how strong air turbulence we are facing.

There is a solution and I called it “The Motivational SHOCK Thorium” . . look for it. in the next post.

Alaa Ismail

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