At 83, I Decided to Develop an App
Donald Rumsfeld

As a software architect through 34 years of having worked with software development for business, defence and apps, I can follow you indeed, and its great what you are doing…

My grandfather learned to swim at the age of 69, and became so happy for it that he started teaching as a swimming teacher for 10 years..

So, mr. Rumsfeld, I shall indeed try out your UX and UI on Churchill Solitaire, and will give you a veterans view.

If you, on the other hand, can tell me, where I shall go, with a few inventions which will see to that it arms can only be used by the rightful owner, thereby, not anymore possible to take over the enemys aircrafts, vehicles, mortars, or even grenades, mines or other hardware?

This is … a software solution I have developed to make it impossible for terrorists to steal and use our arms, ..

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