War and Peace

We must take the consequence of our decisions, and have integrity in the processes we participate in.

We cannot support regimes of war, by trading with them and empower their leaders, and at the same time send humanitarian help to the countries falling victim to the regimes of war.

Blood oil

If we on one side buy Saudi oil, the consequence must be that we let them bombard the Yemenite people to pulp, without blinking even when bloody figments or lumps of Yemenite hearts pass by in front of our eyes with speeds calculated by the bomb manufacturers using Sadovsky and other formulas of war.

If we on the other side do not condone the massacre of what could have been our own children, in Yemen, even though we are sleeping safely in our atomic bomb protected beds every night, then we cannot buy Saudi Oil.

Numerous of other examples are there, ready to display their cruelty by a click on your TV remote control. Just watch the so called news from any TV channel, and see how violence has creeped in everywhere.


What we need is to develop the concepts which will create peace. Politics, isms or money or their anti-ism wont do it, as these are based on concepts of greed and selfishness. We need to develop and be open for people to people driven solutions in form of concepts of peace.

These concepts can be conceived and developed by a vast range of people, not necessarily highly esteemed or educated, but with one core capability or mental mindset: The mindset of integrity.

Be open to adaptation of concepts where you can fit in, or try yourself to think out and discuss or experiment on, yourself, or your core team, spontaneously creating such concepts of peace.


CONCEPT: “Stop watching violent movies on TV.”, this concept deals with not stimulating our most primitive glands of survival, panic, aggression, righteousness, justifixation, etc, by simply working to stop such movies.

CONCEPT: “Work for decentralizing governance”, this concept deals with bringing decision making out to the people, by distributing the very decisions which affects any individual, out to the individual local community.

CONCEPT: “Remove guns from civilians”, from the principle that a person without a gun cannot use it to shoot and kill. And to remove this level of escalation from the realm of possibilities during conflict resolution.

CONCEPT: “Teach hands on respect and understanding in schools”, this deals with the idea that human beings who have grown up learning to respect other lives, thought worlds and perspectived are less susceptible to cross the line into violence as a means of conflict resolution.

CONCEPT: “Train all youth in problem solving, and team work”, based on the idea that when people learn to think in conceptual terms of “we” and “us”, not as in contrast to “they” and “them”, but as a means to solve problems, we are inclined to work together.

CONCEPT: “Build local / communal power / warm water supplies for people”, based on the idea that people who are self sufficient are more peaceful and stable than those who are continuously under siege by rent, water, power bills.

CONCEPT: “Reduce number of live kids per woman to 2.”, from an idea about that we are heading towards unrest related to that the consumption of natural resources, such as water, energy (oil), trees, food (meat production accounts for 18% of human caused CO2 outlet), causes conflicts, and thereby slowly and naturally reducing the number of people on Earth by 10% for every generation will reduce the tension with almost no pain. Furthermore the idea of increased bacteria and germ adaptation to humans due to an increased population of humans based on the population increase’s consequence of higher human to human proximity, inevitably leads to exponentially increasing risk of pandemics.

CONCEPT: “Begin to consider other systems than the capitalism”, based on that capitalism is dead. Post capitalism demands that we find new ways of interchanging value with each other, due to that money will stash up where the owners of automation and production machinery are, and there will be no money left for the buyers, thereby the society will come to a slow but grinding halt under the prevailing capitalism.


The concepts will be many, in the hundreds, and thousands, and some will fail, others will spread and scale — even some will scale beyond the boundaries of countries and continents as they will be felt right and workable by masses.

Let your ideas flow, adapt to concepts you come across which feel right, and go work with your concepts, and think about if failing is fatal or just a natural part of aiming, that sometimes we miss, and only means that you have to try again.

Think it through, and think about if giving up is an option? Act accordingly. If you then feel so inclined, then decide, commit, act.

Have integrity, love of life and faith in this process, as we must get on with this journey whether or not you are believer, nocturnal, finance expert, industrialist, manager or bystander.

Engage in conversations with others, if you find that it can further this process. Share this document here if you feel it can help.

Seek inspiration for instance from guys like Nicolas Berggruen, entrepreneurs, big thinkers, Gandhi, …

David T. Svarrer

15 August 2016