Dump globalization: the word, not the idea
World Economic Forum

You may find that its not globalization in itself, which is the problem. It’s likely that it’s the higher and higher degree of massive vertical integration, automation, syndicating, cartelling and long distance distribution — all of these with the aim of hoarding in money, which is one half of the problem. The other half of the problem is that the dream of the hoards of consumers buying the manufactured products, will have less and less money as these gets hoarded at the manufacturing points with no existing way of getting the money back to the desired hoards of consumers, because, the hoards of consumers have been rendered jobless, thereby penniless, thereby unable to buy the wonderfully automated, vertical integratedly produced, quality controlled and distributed products.

The two equally ugly faces of capitalism: Liberalism, and Communism, cannot solve this gordic knot. More bombs over Syria is only working for a short time, its like peeing in your pants to keep warm. Shortly after it gets colder than before, and after longer time, it even starts smelling.

Globalisation? Yes, its a boring and outlived buzz word. Buzzzzzzzzzz.

Toni. O. King, Correspondent, Network News International

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