5 blogs to follow if you’re a Start-Up

Running a startup is never an easy job. Every element of the organisation must be built from scratch, and you will need to develop skills and expertise in areas you never imagined you would require. Fortunately, startup founders don’t have to face this endeavour alone. Check out this list of 5 of our favourite startup blogs that can play an instrumental role in the growth of your business. Our own success at SalesSeek is proof of their merits!

1. Reddit Startups

Reddit/r/startup: https://www.reddit.com/r/startups/

Reddit is a rather different social media network that provides amazing business resources for those who take the time to utilise it properly.

The Startup sub-reddit has forums for entrepreneurs, where you can introduce your startup to the community. By contributing on discussions , you can gain invaluable insights from others’ experiences. It can be particularly useful for those startups in their early stages.

2. Growth Hackers

GrowthHackers: https://growthhackers.com/

GrowthHackers is an online ‘Growth Community’ with members from all around the world, from every type of company (from startups to multinational corporations) and with a variety of different roles and interests. By joining this (free) community you can get your hands on the most sought-after growth-related content around.

You can also chat with people about your experiments and tests, what has, or hasn’t worked for you and everything in-between — anything to help to get your startup off the ground and running.

The guys behind GrowthHackers (namely Sean Ellis) have also created a ‘Growth Collaboration Software for Teams’ called Projects (https://projects.growthhackers.com/). We’ve been testing it out and, so far, love it. Go and give it a whirl!

3. Falcon Social

Falcon Social Insights Hub: https://www.falcon.io/insights-hub/

The Falcon Social Insights Hub, aka ‘blog’ should be your one-stop shop for all things ‘social media’ and online community management. With informative, quick-to-read posts it’s the perfect place for anyone wanting to learn how to communicate more efficiently with one’s target audience. Their in-depth articles and studies will provide you with verified insight into what is really worth pursuing in your own marketing efforts.

4. Lifehacker

Lifehacker: http://www.lifehacker.co.uk/

Lifehacker is the blog for those striving for efficiency. It is an ideal place to gain insights on how individuals and businesses can optimise their actions, make better use of their time, and more proficiently manage their finances. With these tools at your disposal, you can obliterate the learning curve and start running your business like a seasoned veteran. Need we say more?

5. SalesSeek (obviously* 😉)

The SalesSeek Blog: https://www.salesseek.net/insights/

With tons of valuable information, including; how to run a Startup; how to gain initial traction; what VC funding is and how to get it; curated by international startup and venture capital experts, the SalesSeek blog is a great resource for all.

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