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Mastering fear: 3 Mindsets you must shift in order to make more money than ever!

Fear is simple, not easy. A simple guide to crushing it and achieving your ultimate purpose in Business!

Fear is an acronym for “False Expectations Appearing Real”. Now, I cannot take credit for this, that is owed to a mentor I had a few years ago who worked through a Business Coaching organisation that I worked within the city I live in!

But the point is the same, and a message I will carry with me for every year I have left on this earth! Fear is nothing more than a huge list of “What if’s…” that travel through our mind, take us through a roller-coaster of emotional insanity, and ultimately lead us down a path of inaction!

I want to show you how to conquer that, show you that it is a GREAT thing you’re experiencing, and show you what to do to conquer that fear!

Types of F.E.A.R. in Business and growing Sales!

Asking for the Sale:

The most common fear I see coming out of the Sales world, especially for new Salespeople is simply asking for the order! Most Sales Professionals don’t have a process or were never trained on how one works!

The most common reaction I’ve gotten over the years has been “When do I ask for the sale?” and “What do I do if they say no?”

That’s a double sided question, the answer to the first question is; Whenever your customer gives you even the slightest idea that they like the product you are showing them.

The answer to the second question; learn how to master objections.

Making the Call:

The next most common form of fear amongst Sales Professionals, especially in the outside sales world, is “making the call.” And I mean picking up the phone, calling someone they don’t know, and asking them to buy something or come in for an appointment to buy something.

This, understandably is probably one of the scarier things that a Sales Professional will have to do! I can’t argue with it because I was there once before.

However, what most Sales Professionals don’t realise, is that simply making the call over and over and over again, will eventually have them dreading the phone less and less with every new call that goes by!

It becomes easier every single day, to the point where it almost becomes a case of tediousness and boredom, that’s when you’ve gotta get a little inventive with your cold calling, but that’s another article, for another time!

Approaching the client:

The Sales Professionals I’ve brought into retail sales sometimes have a fear of even approaching the client. Usually, I end up smacking my head with my palm when I realise they have this fear, but like cold calling, the more you do it in a day, week, and month, the easier it becomes!

Pushing your Business into the marketplace:

I find this when I’m working with Multi-Level Marketers, they seem to fear actually going out and pushing their Business into warm and cold markets! The excitement of when they first joined ultimately leaves them, and they are left with nothing but fear of approaching people to get more new business!

This is also understandable because now they are working within a Business model that isn’t thought of so highly, they’re approaching a warm market that wants to support them in most things, but MLM isn’t typically one of them, and then they are asked to approach a cold market as well which presents its own number of fears.

There’s one subtle thing about all of this however that you’re going to have to admit to…

You can’t escape it…

I remember being quite a bit younger and working in a welding shop. I was sweeping the floors, when suddenly one of the welders had come up to me and asked me I wanted to run a line.

I had wanted to do this, so of course I said “Sure!” I garishly grabbed my helmet and arm protectors, climbed up the ladder, into the hopper where the welder was, grabbed the stick off of him and… stopped…

I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, I didn’t know the first thing about welding! I was scared because I wasn’t sure what it was I was supposed to do!

The welder who had invited me began laughing when he realised that I had no clue what I was doing, but he was a willing teacher, and incredibly helpful!

You see, fear can strike us at anytime, and the reality is, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. But what I do know with certainty, is that is typically bread from the lack of knowledge in something.

People fear what they do not know!

That is the simplest truth behind everything that fear is ever rooted in, it is simply the matter of the unknown! I’m a firm believer that in Sales, with any amount of training, we can learn to overcome fear, within Business, fear becomes that much easier to challenge as we seek out stronger and better mentors!

Learning is what ultimately sees us through the darkness and into the light. We grow, we learn, we become more because of our ability to face fear, conquer it, and as a result we develop ourselves in tremendous ways!

So what do we do then?

Realising that you’re headed in the right direction

Fear is a pretty powerful indicator that you’re headed in the right direction. That you are doing the rights things! In order to become more, we have to often do, repeatedly, what we fear the most!

Changing your mindset on fear and realising that it is simply a matter of your false expectations in combination with a lack of training gives you direction every time you run into fear!

It tells you that you are either creating scenarios in your head that are likely to never happen, in which case, the only advice is simply ignoring it and pushing through until you get to a state where you’re successful. Or it is a lack of training, in which case it’s time to seek out mentors and materials that are bound only to help you succeed!

The caveat with seeking new learning material is that you do not get caught up in “Analysis Paralysis” and do nothing in your pursuit of higher education! You have to also be “doing”, committed to the act of action, so studying on your own time, or making time blocks where you can study everyday and then going out to learn is the best advice I can give you!

Fear is something that can be conquered, you just have to have a mindset shift on how to make that happen! The entire idea of fear being conquered is simply pushed into one word…


Whether you’re learning something new, seeking out new mentors, or ignoring the voice creating false expectations inside of your head, you have no choice, you have to hustle!


  • Fear is an acronym for “False Expectation Appearing Real”. Remember this, as it’s one of two keys to conquering fear.
  • There are many types of fear, but in Business, it usually revolves around pushing your products into the marketplace. Conquering this is simply a matter of repeating the actions you fear most over and over again.
  • You cannot escape fear, it comes in all forms. If it’s not rooted in our own false expectations, then it is typically rooted in our lack of knowledge in a particular area.
  • Come to the reality that if you are experiencing fear, then you are doing a very good thing, fear should encourage you, not push you away, it’s what will lead you to ultimate success! Push through false expectation, or learn what it is you are missing, however, you have to make sure you don’t get caught in analysis paralysis.
  • Hustle

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