How to Cold Call— Getting the appointment, handling early objections, keeping the appointment, and building a pipeline that’s BURSTING at the seams.

Appointment closing; Early objection handling; Handling Appointment turnover; or Future Marketing and Promotions.

Segment 1: Gatekeepers, Voicemail, and getting to the decision maker.

Segment 2: Call reluctance, Researching the call, and Qualification.

Segment 3: Appointment closing; Early objection handling; Locking in the appointment; or Future Marketing and Promotions.

You’ve crafted an incredible impact pitch, you’re busting your ass on the phones, your laughing quietly on the inside as your co-workers hang around the water cooler, you’re qualifying like you’re the Oracle of Delphi, but you’re not getting anywhere because your prospects are finding new, and creative ways to blow you off.

Welcome to the back half of selling! Where the bear sh**s in the buckwheat, where the rubber meets the road, and you need to either need to start selling or start setting some appointments!

It isn’t easy, but I promise you, after reading this, you’re going to be armed with an armada of ways to push through the slog and get closer to the income you deserve, and start helping customers realize the potential of the opportunity you’re offering them!

Cold Calling or Door Knocking?

The first thing that you’re going to need to focus on, especially if you’re in the Business of demonstrating your Business to your clients in person is closing appointments over the phone.

One question I’m constantly getting asked is “Well, is it better to door knock, or is it better to call them beforehand?”

My answer to this, “It’s both.” It’s cold-calling no matter which way you’re looking at it. Door knocking has the pro’s of being able to walk into a clients office right away and start demonstrating your product right then and there, closing at the door or in the office and getting them to own the products sooner rather than later. On top of that, you don’t have to deal with a “Do not call” registry that’s becoming more and more common as time goes by. My favorite part of having the opportunity to door knock, is that from time to time, you get the opportunity to get into the decision makers office right away and you walk out with a deal in your hand. People, for whatever reason are also a little less apt to blowing you off when you’re presenting them your offer in person.

The downsides, usually the decision maker isn’t there, it takes time to walk from building to building, and you can’t make as many contacts throughout the day. It’s incredibly time consuming, and unless you’re door knocking to the consumer market in the suburbs (you’re knocking B2B), you’re going to have a difficult time making 60–100 contacts per day…. and you’re not having to deal with the elements.(Yes, I said per day, you’re not one of the average schmucks that only makes 100 contacts per week are you?)

Cold Calling on the other hand, allows you to filter through a million and one gatekeepers to get to the real decision maker, ensure that the decision maker is actually in the office at the time that you’re booked for, and ultimately help you collect the information you need in order to better get the job done. You’re going to have to set the appointment and ensure that the deal is moving forward in most cases regardless. On top of that, you have the opportunity to close the deal over the phone if you’re selling a simple enough product, you’re not bearing the elements.

Cold Calling on the other hand, prospects have the ability to blow you off significantly easier than if you were to show up in person.

I’ve had the opportunity of working a territory and choosing what I want to do that day, being careful to ensure there was no overlap utilizing a C.R.M.(Customer Relationship Manager) and it’s given me some incredible days where I’ve been on fire, or I’ve been hosed. The simple truth on this manner is — YOU NEED TO KEEP YOUR PROSPECTING ACTIVITIES CONSTANT. Being fluid, being able to move in many directions, being able to successfully market your Business in multiple different directions is truly only going to help you in the long run, be everywhere!

With that being said; it’s time a gave you an incredible tool to actually continue down the path of closing appointments over the phone so you have the opportunity to grow your income face to face with all of that work you established in trying to get the decision maker on the line —

Appointment Closing:

To successfully transition into any phase in the Sales Process, you’re going to need to use a transition statement. In this case, your statement is going to come after you’ve qualified your customer and have come to find that they are actually a good candidate for your product, service, or investment.

“Actually, based on everything you’ve told me, I think I have the perfect thing for (you, your company, your team, etc.). I’m going to be in the area over the next couple of days and I’m only going to need five minutes to show you how to improve (Pain point A, B, C, or show you what we’ve done for a lot of our other clients and friends in this field).”

“Now, I’ve noticed you guys are only open during weekdays, I have a couple of slots available…”

From here, we go into assumptive selling. Listen, we’ve been taught as we’ve grown that being assumptive is rude. I’m here to tell you, being assumptive in Sales is about the only way you’re going to get anywhere, especially if you’re looking to get the income you want to get. It’s not rude, oftentimes, if you’ve gotten it handled, and you act in a “matter of fact” manner, and get rid of the canned speeches, then this is going to be easy for you.

I’ve had the opportunity to ask hundreds of clients what their buying experience off of me has been like, and the most common response I get…

“That was super-easy. Thank you!”

I’m largely one of the most assumptive people I know, and it’s very infrequent I don’t get my way when it comes to my career in sales, and that’s because for me, my words often reflect my belief system of “Why shouldn’t my clients own my product? I have the best of what’s being offered in this category.”


So utilizing an assumptive approach becomes relatively easy, my tone, my body language, my everything becomes EXTREMELY relaxed and oftentimes the client just roles with the punches.

So here’s the assumptive finish to the appointment:

“Actually, based on everything you’ve told me, I think I have the perfect thing for (you, your company, your team, etc.). I’m going to be in the area over the next couple of days and I’m only going to need five minutes to show you how to improve (Pain point A, B, C, or show you what we’ve done for a lot of our other clients and friends in this field).”

“Now, I’ve noticed you guys are only open during weekdays, I have a couple of slots available on wednesday, thursday, and friday. Which one of those days works better for you?”

Prospect: “Uhhhh… I can do Wednesday.”

“Thank you for letting me know that, Wednesdays are definitely a good day to do Business. Now are you a morning or afternoon kind of person?”

Prospect: “Mornings usually work a little better.”

“Awesome, I can be there for 9:30AM or is a little later going to work better for you?”

Prospect: “9:30AM works great!” OR “Actually, that doesn’t work, but let’s shoot for say… 11AM…..”

There wasn’t a what time works better for you, what time can we set up, is there a good date and time that would work. These were ALL very leading, VERY ASSUMPTIVE questions, that ultimately led my client to setting the appointment.

It’s absolutely hassle free, and gets right to the heart of the manner. You’re not going to be taking any more of their time than you need too, and you’re doing what you were meant to do, which is generate leads to generate Business.

This does take a little practice, so please, if you’re going to use, what you’re looking to accomplish is ensuring that this process does not sound robotic, if you’re uncomfortable with the process, then your client is going to know this, and this is a less than ideal time to give your prospect ANY MEASURE whatsoever that you’re unsure of yourself and what you are representing.

With the being said, most clients aren’t going to go that easily and you’re going to have to do a little more work to get there.

Prospects are going to throw shade and objections your way from the minute they pick up the phone and you’re going to have to be ready for this when, NOT IF, WHEN this does occur.

Now, I’ve heard a lot of complaining from Sales Professionals about practicing canned speeches and how “they do it better in front of customers” or “they hate role playing” and the best piece of advice I’ve ever heard on the manner was from Retired Colonel David Grossman who specialized in combat psychology and said “When crisis strikes, we don’t “rise to occasion” we sink to the “level of our training”.”

What I find to be so true about this statement is that when I’ve developed a Sales Process with a company, start to finish, and we begin deploying it to the rest of the team through role-plays they often say “I’m better with the customer.” This is even after they’ve looked at the Sales Process on paper and said “I already do all of this.”

So, I’ve put that crap to the immediate test and said; “Great, then I’m sure you’re not going to mind if we test that out. Let me see your next approach.”

It’s amazing to show that Sales Professional how many behaviors, how many points of improvement they missed, how much opportunity they have to grow.

The great secret is not in the role play so much as it is in the process of perfecting your science within the sale.

Fighter pilots do not take the chance on a multi-million dollar piece of machinery, why are you taking chances on your income, lifestyle, and ability to provide for your family.

Let’s go over some objections you’re going to hear within the prospecting process and get you ready to work with your client to see how they might be able to own your service that much sooner and start helping them improve their lives, or the lives of those within their organization.

Objection Handling:

Now, let me establish that there are a few kinds of objections, and there are more than a few to handle them. I’m writing SPECIFICALLY for the process within cold calling.

Customers are going to object in just about stage of the selling process and I strongly believe that you’re going to have to master this vital skill to be able to succcessfully navigate selling in general.

I should note that you’re going to see objections in one of three spots during your prospecting efforts:

  1. Before the impact pitch
  2. After the impact pitch before qualification
  3. After qualification

I’m going to show you how to handle all of the above objections during all three of these stages as, while there are incredible similarities, there are slight differences in the way handle them.

Objection handling in the prospecting process is about getting to the next stage. Too often, we get blown off the call without establishing any kind of value with our customers, at all, or even finding out whether or not they’re qualified to own our product.

The goal in objection handling during prospecting is essentially to determine if your prospect base is qualified to own your product. Being able to discover this information is going to be vital in the future as you begin to narrow down your market and become more efficient with your prospecting efforts and stop wasting your time on clients that simply cannot own what it is you’re offering.


Smokescreens, let me be clear with you about something, very little of what a client hands you is actually an objection, most of it, especially within the prospecting phase of the Sales Process is just designed to assist your prsopect with their own laziness, avoiding change entirely, or getting you off the phone.

Consider this the Business version of “I just want to be friends…” when you were still out in the dating world.

You’re might have fell for that crap when you were in your sophomore year of High School, you’re not going to fall for that crap now. Let me show you how…

*click*; *door slam*

This is personally one of my favorites. Now, you can do one of two things with this:

  1. You can accept the fact that you’re customer just gave you the rudest possible reaction to a Sales Call in the world, that these things are going to happen, and it’s time to move onto your next call.


2. If you’re a little more tenacious (and I am). You’re going to call them again and simply, say “It looks like we got disconnected. Anyways, as I was saying…” IF YOU’RE KNOCKING ON DOORS “You must have slipped and pushed your door closed, it happens to me all the time, I’m kind of a klutz, anyways, what I was saying…”

Now, I understand the more aggressive stance is not for everyone on this particular topic, but I usually meet aggression with a more persistent Sales Technique. I personally just find reactions like this to be plain ignorant, and try my best to make a little humor out of the worst situations possible and, while rare, have actually managed to get a some of my best customers out of this. Seriously.

Send me some information; Leave me some information and I’ll get back to you.

This one is a classic brush off the top, and something you’re going to hear constantly. It’s important that you have this one mastered before you even get on the phones!

At the beginning of the call -

“Hey, I would absolutely love to leave you some information and I’m going to do that, and really it’s only going to take me 30 seconds to tell you what we’re doing and then you can decide if you want to move forward. That way I’m not wasting any more of your time with follow-up calls.” (Continue into your impact statement/ qualification).

After your impact pitch before qualification:

“Absolutely, I’m going to do that here, I just want to ask you a couple of questions to make sure we have something that is actually going to benefit you and your company, and then that way I’m not wasting your time with anymore follow-up calls.”

After qualification:

“I absolutely will do that. I’m just going to grab your information right now, what your email address? (Prospect gives you the information). Perfect, most people do honestly get a lot more use out of seeing how the product could work and truth be told, I think this is going to solve a lot of problems for you in (pain point A, pain point B, pain point C), I’ll be in your area here in the next few days and it’s not going to take more than 5 minutes of your time and you can have a look at the information before I arrive.” (And then move into assumptive appointment closing).

Put the quote in writing and I’ll get back to you.

This is a client objection that is a variation on “Send me some information.” Candidly; I’m going to give you another way to handle this objection and another way to handle the “Send me some information objection.”

“Hey, I completely understand (Mr/Mrs Prospect). I haven’t made much of a living off of not being bold. Can I ask you a quick question before we get off the line?”

Prospect: Sure.

“Most of the time, when someone I’m working with tells me this, usually they’re just trying to A. Get me off the phone. B. They’re worried about the price. C. Something about the product isn’t working for them or their Business. or D. They just don’t like me.

I promised; I’ve been in this industry way too long to have many feelings left, I was just wondering what we haven’t addressed yet?”

Not interested.

Another one of my favorites, this objection also occurs in one of three places and requires a bit of a different approach in all three of them.

Opening up the door, or just answered the call

“Understandable, (insert Business, person down the street into black space here) said the same thing and they absolutely fell in love with (insert impact statement piece here, product benefit, etc.)”

And without skipping a beat carry on with impact pitch.

This is not a style of objection handling that’s for the faint hearted, however, I’ve always believed that people have no idea what it is you’re offering until they’ve at least heard the impact pitch.

After your impact pitch before qualification:

“Absolutely, I’m going to do that here, I just want to ask you a couple of questions to make sure we have something that is actually going to benefit you and your company, and then that way I’m not wasting your time with anymore follow-up calls.”

After qualification:

Usually if you’re hearing it at this point, then chances are you’re not going to have much luck on the call and I want to expect to be blown off. At this point, believe me; this is more of a “Hail Mary”; but like football, even Hail Mary’s work!

You can continue and attempt to make the appointment and I will often say:

“Most people were actually really interested in the (insert feature and benefit of your product) and appreciated (insert impact pitch/ how your product helps); the demo takes less than 5 minutes and we could be doing that for you as well…”

Over the phone: “I’m going to be in the neighborhood… (assumptive appointment close).

On the door: “Let me show you a couple of things and the only thing you’re going to lose is a couple of minutes and gain an education in what we’re doing.”

Not a good time:

Beginning of the Call:

“Absolutely, I get calls all day long and I agree that it’s an absolute hassle. You seem to be the kind of person that focuses on things that are going to (save you money, save you time, [impact pitch material]…) and that’s why this is going to be extremely quick.” (Carry on with your impact pitch).

After the impact pitch and before qualification:

“Absolutely, and truly, I’m going to be asking one or two question to make sure that I’m not going to be wasting any more of your time and you don’t have to worry about me calling you back later on.”

After qualification:

“That’s understandable. I don’t mind giving you a shout back after your meeting. Realistically I know there is a way we can (save you money, save you time, impact pitch material); I’ll be in the area here next week. Let’s set up a time for me to give you some more information. I have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday available, what day works better for you… (begin assumptive appointment closing process).

Call me back in 3 months:

As another Sales Trainer and some I admire in this field dearly, Jefferey Gitomer says “This is a polite way of saying No.”

One of the Sales Professionals I had worked with for a number of years used to cheekily answer “You know, I would love to do that but my boss tells me that if I can’t sell something within 5 months, I’m going to get fired!” He would say this with a smile over the phone and oftentimes the prospect could feel the smile he would then immediately move into the close I had taught him.

Beginning of the Call:

“Absolutely, I will set that in my Calendar! Most clients I work with usually don’t commit for a number of months anyways. I’m just going to give you a little information to figure out if we actually even need to do a follow-up call.” (Go into your impact pitch).

After the impact pitch and before qualification:

Absolutely, I will set that in my Calendar! Most clients I work with usually don’t commit unless it’s truly for them and they can see themselves TRULY benefiting from our (product, service, offer) for the next few years. I just have to ask a couple of questions to ensure we can actually do what we say we’re going to do and (save you time, money, stress, impact pitch material). I was wondering… (begin qualifying).

After qualifying:

“Absolutely! I will put that in my calendar, most customers I work with usually don’t make a decision like this right away. Can I ask you one last question before I get off the phone? What’s going to be different in (insert month here) that would make you change your mind?”

(Client answers with the real objection, budget, person involved, etc. which gives you the opportunity to handle the objection.)


Be bold and say; “Realistically, I see an excellent fit for what we have to offer and quite frankly, I feel like it would be insane considering that amount of time, money, and energy you and your team are losing by not taking advantage of what we could do for your company. The only thing 3 months is going to do is cost you and your team even more time, money, and energy. I’m going to be in the neighborhood…(Assumptive appointment closing).

There’s too much going on right now.

Oftentimes your customer is saying to you “My time is more valuable to me than what you’re currently offering me.”

At the Beginning of the call:

This objection usually comes at the beginning of a Sales Call and sounds something like “We’ve just got too much going on right now to take on another supplier/ vendor/ consultant.”

My response; “Absolutely, most of the clients I work with definitely feel the same way, and that’s exactly why we chat for a couple of minutes — to figure out if there is even a fit for what we’re offering — so we don’t have to cut into anymore of your time.” (Begin your impact pitch).

After the Impact pitch, before qualification:

Much like the above statement, there’s a slight change to this variation —

“Absolutely, most of the clients I work with definitely feel the same way, and that’s exactly why we chat for a couple of minutes — to figure out if there is even a fit for what we’re offering — so we don’t have to cut into anymore of your time. Before I get off the phone and leave you too it, I was wondering if I could ask you a couple of questions about… (Begin qualification).”

After qualification:

This is where you begin to establish value — for my firm in particular, I like to attack time:

“Absolutely; most of the client I work with have said the same thing. That’s exactly why we do what we do. So we can free up the time necessary in your calendar by automating your teams Sales and Marketing systems so you have the time to focus on the other things that require your attention. I’m going to be in your neighborhood here next week…” (Begin Appointment closing).

I’ve never heard of you before.

Easy objection to handle at all three stages:

At the Beginning of the call:

“Understandable… we’re a company the specializes (go into your impact pitch).

After the Impact pitch, before qualification:

“I understand, like I said, we specialize in growing companies like yours through (small re-touch on impact pitch); I am curious about your Business though… (begin qualification process).”

After qualification:

“That’s great news then, because if you haven’t heard of us, then chances are, not enough of your local competition is taking advantage of what we have to offer regarding (impact pitch material). I’m going to be in your area over the next week (begin appointment setting process).”

We’re doing great in that area:

At the Beginning of the call:

You’re not going to hear this objection at the beginning of the call.

After the Impact pitch, before qualification:

“That’s understandable, most people we’ve helped in the past have felt the same way and still found some pretty clever ways to (save time, save money, etc.) by utilizing us. I wanted to ask a couple of question to see if we might be a good fit or if there even is an opportunity to help you further in (impact pitch material).

After qualification:

“That’s understandable, most people we’ve helped in the past have felt the same way and still found some pretty clever ways to (save time, save money, etc.) by utilizing us. I’m going to be in the area, or we can schedule a 5 minute call at (appointment closing process).”

I hate you guys (expletive), I’ve heard terrible things about (you, product, service), etc.

This is definitely going to happen from time to time. Now, for the most part, I’ve found that in the Business world this isn’t going to happen as frequently as it would happen over the doors.

Given the context of needed professionalism in the Business world, it’s apparent why. Props to my door to door folks though; I recall a time where having a cinder block thrown at my head, dogs and guns pointed in my direction, and being yelled at so closely I could feel someone breath on the doorstep was a weekly occurrence.

Chances are good that if your prospect is going a little overboard in not being able to effectively manage their emotions, it’s a good time to just walk away.

However, it’s always good to say to your clients; “I understand you’re frustrated, can I ask why, even if it’s too update your account so we can save you some time in the future?”

A question like this is going to demonstrate that you’re empathetic to their frustrations (contrary to popular media — empathy can be a powerful tool in this game), and it give you an opportunity to hear them out.

If you find that they are venting on things that no longer apply to your company, this is great news, and something you’re going to be able to work with.

If they’re legitimately reasons that are out of your control, or they’re frustrated with a process in your Business that the majority of your client base absolutely loved, update the account and move on.

Do not however, avoid listening to them altogether. Think of the next person who might be giving them a phone call. It would be a little more than frustrating to you had you called the prospect and they began by saying “I talked to some other D***head last week about the same thing!”.

Part of building your client base is understanding who DOESN’T fit the fold of your product or service.

10% will love you to the moon, 80% will be indifferent, 10% will want to burn your house to the ground.

We’re already working with (competition)

This objection is one of my FAVORITE to hear! If you’re a true Professional, then chances are you already know about what you competition is offering. Which is fantastic!

The second thing about this objection, your client has already figured out that it is something they need! Which is another point in your favor.


Ask them about their experience, what they like, what they dislike, what they would change, how to product/service is working for them already, and asking them why they felt the need to utilize a product like yours in the first place are all going to be VITAL to what you’re going to be doing next.

If your client says “We already work with (competition) and we’re not changing!” In a very blunt and straightforward manner; my response has always been the same:

“Understandable! Most people who are working with them feel the same and I agree, change can be frustrating, however, we live in a competitive economy and Businesses have to be more efficient than ever to earn new clients. I just wanted to ask you a couple of questions to see if there might be a fit for an even better experience on something you or your company already knows and loves.”

Working with your competition is a blessing, stop seeing it as something of a curse!

We’re already in a contract with (competition)

Now, when this objection arises you need to understand what you prospect is saying; not what you’re hearing. They’re more often than not, telling you that they’re currently stuck in their existing situation, like a terrible marriage, they feel trapped.

Like the competition objection above, I want you to take the time to understand what their experience is like. You’re going to do this by qualifying what their likes, and most importantly their dislikes are.

More often than not, if they’re answering in a way that they’re feeling a little bit stuck, it’s important to lead them to their own answer, a really clever way of doing this I had learned from a friend of mine while we were out prospecting one day:

“If you were in a marriage where they lied to you, took your money, and didn’t live up to the expectations they had initially set and helped you fall in love with, would you still be married to that person or would you leave?”

Prospect: “I would leave.”

“Right, and divorce can be expensive, but ultimately, being free and clear in the long run and moving onto something better is worth the short term pain vs. what you may have had to experience had you stayed right?”

Prospect: “Right.”

“Great, now I’m going to be in your neighborhood here next week, I want to set up five minutes for us… ” (Appointment setting process).


If they’re currently happy with the provider, and I’ve seen lots as well, offer them an incentive to transfer over. The Telecom industry here in Canada is absolutely INFAMOUS for utilizing back pocket offers to attract clients from previous providers to new providers by offering to help buy out their contract. Form partnerships with other companies to add value to the initial offering, or create an incentive for a “first year” block of service if you’re in the contract Business as well.

There are many ways to steal Business, the trade secret is how you’re going to keep it!

Appointment Lock-in:

Now, you’ve handled objections, assumed the appointment, you show up to your prospects office and guess what Mr. or Mrs. Sales Professional! Your prospect isn’t there!

This happens, it’s incredibly frustrating, and the questions start rolling through your mind as to what you could have done differently.

Now, you could blame your prospect sure, but as you may have realized, I’m one for taking responsibility for our Success first and reverting to blame last. Salesman vs. Conman.

Here’s the deal, most appointments are missed because the impression you made on the appointment was not pressing enough. You didn’t set the standard to your prospect that it was going to be important enough for them to make the call in the first place!

The question then becomes how on earth is it you manage you control the flow of “Appointment Turnover” or getting burned on the appointments you have set.

You lock it with repeated touch points.

You see, we’ve gotten so attached and inundated as a Social Community our reliance on technology has surpassed anything that generations before us has ever used.

Yet, for whatever reason, we still aren’t using it to it’s fullest capacity.

With so many things drawing our attention away it’s important that you gather all of the touch points you possibly can.

Think advertising, when I say “Coke” you’re probably thinking “Coca Cola”… why? Because that’s the first brand that comes to mind when we want something.

Now, I had actually developed this technique from a conversion program my dentist of all people was doing. They would collect all of your information and the system they had would not only send out the information you needed the minute you made the appointment to all possible contact points, but it would remind you of the appointment time a day before you needed to be there. Efficient indeed!

Your appointment setting process needs to be at every possible touch point you possibly can to get your prospects attention; here’s how:

“I’m definitely looking forward to our appointment time. Hey (prospect) can I get you to grab a pen and paper here real fast, I need you to write something down.”
Prospect: Sure
“The appointment time is Wednesday, 9am with (your name). Now, do you have a phone line I can text the information too?” (Really clever way to get your prospects personal phone number just an FYI.)
Prospect: Yup, it’s XXX-XXX-XXXX.
“Perfect, I’m going to send that your way real fast, and I want to send you a free gift as a thank you for giving me a couple of minutes. It’s our free (value added bonus) for taking the time to hear me out! What’s your email?”
Prospect: Right on! It’s

At this point you now have a name, a direct contact, an appointment time, you’ve got them to write it down, you’ve sent them an email with the reminder of your appointment and a free gift and you’ve got their personal line or a line you can text them on for appointment timing.

What do you think the likelihood of them forgetting your appointment time is going to be?

Want to set yourself apart from your competition, hit them on every level you possibly can and then follow-up with a reminder a couple of days beforehand utilizing all of the same contact points.

So the question then becomes, what happens if the customer is objecting, not having my attempts to close on appointment or demonstrate my product, and not giving me the opportunity to continue with the Sales Process?

You’re still going to want to create multiple points of contact with them for follow-up.

The point of follow-up, while yes, is to find out when you client is ready to buy — however, it’s also useful to stay top of mind.

Truth be told, I’ve made more money out of my follow-up funnel than my raw cold calling funnel, why? Because it works, and oftentimes, it’s a little unexpected.

I know how many calls it’s going to take to ensure my Business and my family are successful per day, in order for my Business to grow and my people to prosper and I get that largely from raw calling opportunities.

The follow-up funnel is just the cherry on top of absolutely everything else, but another incredible way to earn an income beyond your wildest dreams.

Future Marketing and Promotions:

Now, early in my Sales Career working commission retail I was more than happy to allow my clients to get on the “Be back bus” and have them never come back again. I was definitely one of those guys that didn’t know what to do with any of those people.

If you’re like anyone who makes an earning off of cold calling, or random customer pop-ups. You’re going to have to find a way to keep that pipeline thick and healthy.

Letting your pipeline die, is the equivalent of income suicide. Don’t be that person.

There are customers on the other hand that you just aren’t going to close! This is a fact and you’re going to need to start accepting this sooner rather than later. I’ve preached to the reps I’ve trained CONSTANTLY, that if they can manage to get their closing ratios to 40% they’re going to be earning one hell of an income.

So what do you do with the Customers that just aren’t interested in taking advantage of your product today?

Find the win in future marketing and promotions.

So many of you have companies that already put together marketing events for you. One of the best reps I had ever seen on the other hand, carried three cell phones with her. One for her personal use, one for her existing customer base, and one for the opportunities that she had missed but had collected leads off of.

I had thought she was a little insane at first, doing something like this, and then I had realized that this was the BEST representative in our entire company. Out of over 900 representatives, this wonderful little Philippine lady was doing a set of activities that no one else was willing to do. It wasn’t something that was expected of her by the company and she was clearing well into the 6-figure club, and the first number on her income statement, wasn’t a “1”.

What this representative would do was keep her existing customer base updated to future marketing events and promotions in a different way from the clients that she had missed.

A couple clever hacks of her phone and she could mass text everyone in her missed opportunity list to keep them updated, but personalized.

The amount of revenue this rep had generated for my store was absolutely UNBELIEVABLE and more than worth the extra cell phone bill!

You see, you have a tremendous opportunity right in front of you to grow and prospect to the contact base that you’re currently not tapped into utilizing marketing strategies your company publishes through newsletters, promotional flyers, or even simply reaching out yourself and generating or refreshing the lead!

If your company doesn’t have marketing like this, set something up and become the expert in your field on that topic.

You have to keep in mind, that you’ve got to be doing what it is everyone else is doing, doing what everyone else wont do, doing what is unique to you, in order for you to make the income everyone else didn’t think they could make.

Sharpening your closing skills are going to get you far in this game, believe me, if those aren’t on board I don’t care how many clients you generate — it’s going to be an uphill battle. However, putting in the extra effort is going to make a world of difference when it comes down building the kind of future you want for your family.

So if you’re not getting the sale, you need to get the lead. If I feel like these conversations aren’t going anywhere, or my client has been temporarily disqualified. Collecting their email so I can send them our newsletter is always a great place to start.


“Well (prospect), I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to hear me out today all the same. It doesn’t look like I have something for you but I wanted to leave you with a free gift, I wrote an “E-Book” on (whatever it is you’ve developed) and if you have a few minutes I’m sure it’s going to (save you time, save you money, impact pitch materials). What’s your email address, I would love to send that your way!”

Don’t let a Business opportunity ever slip through your fingers, follow-up with your clients on a continuous basis. You would be absolutely stunned at how much extra income this you’re going to earn because of it!


  • Prospect every single day, cold calling or door knocking does not matter, they both have their upsides and downsides. As long as your putting the effort forward to prospect Business every single day that is what counts, what matters most.
  • Assume the appointment close. Break it down from days, to blocks of time (morning or afternoon), and then close on the time. The key here is to be bold and acting in a manner as if owning your product is just a natural part of your prospects day.
  • Objections are going to come hard and fast while your prospecting, be ready for them! Early in the call, after your impact pitch, and even after your qualification are key areas to prepare and be ready to handle the multitude of things that are going to come your way.
  • Lock down your appointment and ensure you’re making a point of contact on every platform your possibly can once the appointment has been set. Prospecting is going to be an absolutely useless skill if you can’t get your clients to follow-through on their appointments.
  • Get the appointment, close the sale, or create an opportunity for future marketing and events. Letting your prospects never hear from you again is an atrocity to your Businesses development. Ensure that you’re finding new ways to follow up with missed opportunities on a regular basis, keep the pipeline thick and healthy!

Matthew Gourley is the Founder of SalesTrainInc, a company dedicated to generating leads, and getting your more Sales!

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