3 types of Marketing to understand before mastering Prospecting!

This is an excerpt from The Sales Engine: The Definitive guide to Driving your Sales to Unstoppable Heights!

Much like I’ve been saying about selling being an art form, prospecting is no different, there is a certain art form to it in the “what you say and how you say it!” However; Prospecting is a child of two parents — Sales and Marketing! We have to take a closer look at the Marketing side of prospecting so that you might better understand your buyers, narrow down your search for the right people in your efforts, and get a little closer to Sales gold — helping make peoples lives better by owning your product!

This requires an in-depth understanding and an ability to develop a particular niche to ensure that you are marketing to those people, and focusing the majority of your marketing efforts on those people! In order to do that, you’re going to have to closely examine the product you sell and truly determine the reason they typically buy your product from your competitors, and then form a customer profile from those motivations. I’m not going to go too in-depth into the Marketing side, I have a website you can subscribe to for that and I’ll be coming out with books a little later on for that as well, but we need to touch on the types of Marketing in Business so you can start growing outwardly to MANY channels instead of relying on a single path!

Beginning your marketing efforts in MANY different directions is going to help you grow on an extremely fast level, it will help you better understand the buying patterns of your client in a very diverse marketplace, and it’s going to help you generate incredible leads on the basis of MANY different levels of qualification! Let’s take a look at the types of Marketing available today, we’re going to start with Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing:

Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing:

Outbound marketing is the art and science of a company reaching “outward” to their clients to deliver a particular message now, this can be expensive or it could be extremely cost effective depending on your ability to truly define your niche and determine where you clients are hanging out. However, this is still a form of in your face, cast the net as wide as possible style of Marketing! There are styles however, for both inbound and outbound that still working effectively in today’s marketplace!

Inbound Marketing on the other hand, otherwise known as “Conversational/ Permission based Marketing” is a little less “in your face” and significantly more strategic! It’s involves a VERY HIGH level of targeting, many hours behind the keyboard doing your homework on the marketplace, and requires some serious time thinking about the places your client hangs out and how to create content focused around their needs! It tends to be a conversation between two people, as results can be generated from something as simple as a search result (SEO), or liking something on someones page that generates an ad trigger (Paid Social Media) based on your interest in that particular topic.

Both style of Marketing have their “Arena’s of operation” and I want to give a brief overview of each on of those so you have a better understanding of what these mean as we travel deeper down the rabbit hole!

Social Media:

Social media is a form of inbound Marketing as most of the Algorithms (Calculations based on attracting the content most relevant to you), are designed to bring you content based on what you interact with; For Facebook, this is “Likes”, for Twitter this is “Likes & Re-Tweets”, for Medium this is “Follows”, YouTube “Subscribes”, and the list goes on and on.

The point is, the platform will have a “conversation” with you and give you the most relevant material to what you are most interest in!

Mark Zuckerburg (Found of Facebook) was quoted saying that he wanted to “Build the most perfect, personalized newspaper for everyone in the world.” That should give you an idea as to how to platform works!

Because of this, it’s only going to give you interactions based on what you’re going to find useful, so if you’re searching for “Weight Loss Products” within the search bar, don’t be surprised when newsfeed ads start popping up about “Protein Powder” or “Workout programs” you can try and then buy!

This becomes useful when you’re marketing your products specifically to people who are let’s say, looking for new vehicles! You can create advertisements designed around that particular topic and branch out to people looking to get a higher trade value, people who are looking for car loans, people who are interested in specific makes and models of vehicles, and list goes on and on!

Mini Media:

Mini media covers a wide variety of marketing styles, they’re rather time intensive however, but they’re incredible cost effective! They’re a little more targeted and require a strategy on behalf of the person who is running that particular style of Marketing!

Some examples can include:

  • Print: Flyers, tri-fold banner ads, posters on street corners, pens, markers, calendars, etc.
  • Social/ Web page: Pop-ups, banner advertisement, blog articles, infographics, video articles, white-paper giveaways, etc.

Basically anything small, and useful! It’s going to require a little creativity, and it’s going to require a lot of time! But it’s a form of advertising that is incredibly effective!

The aim of mini-media marketing is to provide USEFULNESS, which means that there is something that they are getting for putting up with your advertising efforts!

THIS BLOG ARTICLE is a form of mini media marketing! You’re reading this because you’re curious about what it is you’re going to get out of it, but it’s also an opportunity for my to advertise my the first 3 chapters of my book at the top of this page! (See what I did there.)

A pen is useful, a calendar is useful, but if you want to maximize these efforts, you have to make something useful out of your mini media marketing efforts, you have to give people a desire to WANT to submit themselves to advertisements!

Maxi Media:

Maxi media marketing is the large scale advertising that many marketers strive for when they’re working out of Madison Square Gardens!

It’s not all huge budgets however, it also includes: radio, television, newspapers, mail campaigns, bought email lost campaigns, etc.

Typically this type of advertising is very expensive, requires some capital up front, and is very hard to track!

Larger brands like coca-cola use it as brand advertising; Advertising that makes people feel good about doing Business with a well established company!

That being said, it should not be ignored either! Maxi media advertising has done wonders for companies and grown tremendous profits! If you have the money to do it – learn it and grow!

A note on omnipresence and growth:

The aim of this article is to encourage above all else, omnipresence! I take some time to pick a marketing strategy or just DO SOMETHING for your Business in all three of these categories! The more, the better! Especially if you’re just starting out, if you’ve got nothing but time to spend, you might as well spend it growing your Business to an exponential level!

When SalesTrainInc first began, as it stands, SalesTrainInc has a $1000 marketing budget per month. That’s not a whole lot to sneeze at, however, me and my team have phones and a laptop, which means we can create something amazing!

Being everywhere and creating good quality content does not actually take much, it takes a little creativity and know how, but it doesn’t take a college degree to be on a platform and start posting to its medium successfully!

The idea, is that you want people to tell you “Holy crap, you guys network and advertise like beasts!” This is a pretty strong indicator that you’re headed down the right path! Keep moving, and if you have to ask yourself whether or not you should execute on some form of “awareness campaign” the answer should always be: “Let’s do it until we can prove it’s not profitable!”

You want to generate leads to your prospecting efforts on ALL levels, not just one form of communication! You never know who makes a dent on those platforms! Take some time find a way to truly grow to exponential heights by marketing out of MANY channels, generating clients from those channels, and making an incredible income because of it!

Grow everywhere, become everything!

Matthew Gourley is the Owner and long time Sales coach of SalesTrainInc.com. He aims to inspire performance by changing the way we sell and really show Business and Sales Professionals that there is a way to become Incredibly profitable!