Do you experience lack of Salesforce adoption in your team?

One of the most common reasons cited by organizations for the failure of their system is a lack of adoption by the sales team. Data isn’t inputted. Records aren’t kept up to date. And the value of the whole system is subsequently undermined.

Many sales people would rather make an additional a bunch of extra calls per day or go out on additional customer visits than update their records, especially as a lot of their commission is riding on the results that they achieve.

They actually don’t see the personal value they get out of using Salesforce. As with anything you don’t get a personal gain from, you stop or minimize doing that.

Unfortunately the same sales people do not realize that they miss out on following up with customers, they forget crucial information and then using the data ongoing for marketing and farming purposes is a lot harder with incomplete or worse still, no records. This is where Salesforce so often fail and needs to be supplemented.

To get around this you can now use Salesbox CRM as an add-on on top of Salesforce.

How it works

It’s really easy, Salesbox CRM is plug & play integrated with Salesforce for a complete 2-way sync of data in realtime. With Salesbox CRM you get:

  • Complete 2-way sync between Salesbox CRM and Salesforce (via
  • Sync many users in Salesbox CRM to a single user in Salesforce
  • Sync Account, Contact, Leads, Opportunity/pipeline info
  • Automatic in real-time
  • Plug & play, no development needed, be up and running in minutes

TOP 3 reasons to add Salesbox CRM on top of Salesforce

Besides giving your team a much more user friendly and mobile solution with much higher user adoption, you will get…

More accurate forecasts

A smart CRM that gets to know how your colleagues, your departments and your entire company behave and perform can also predict when processes need attention and when the next step needs to betaken to protect you from falling behind.

Increased collaboration, regardless of location

With a smart and mobile CRM you can give your customers a better customer experience.
With a smart and mobile CRM your colleagues can work wherever they are and collaborate in real-time, regardless of devices, time and location.

Guidance to your’s and your team’s target

With a smart and intelligent CRM, Salesbox CRM, you can easily and graphically see how your different opportunities move forward, get reminded when you deviate from your regular performance and get personal forecasts on what it takes to reach the sales targets.

Want to lower your Salesforce license costs?

Did you know its possible to sync many Salesbox accounts to 1 Salesforce account? It is. This makes it possible to add users in Salesbox and remove most users from Salesforce without touching your infrastructure or loosing the necessary follow up possibilities or reports.

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