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Hmm. Well, I can say that I enjoyed your writing, if not your story. You seem to be stuck on the word “wiretap”, as if this is either one thing or it’s nothing at all. Indeed Susan Rice did ask for the identities of specific individuals to be unmasked. Also, and stay tuned, on several occasions Trump and some key people from his campaign were not masked in the first place………which would be, as far as I know, unprecedented.

Look, I think that Susan Rice is an honorable person that loves her country. But I also believe that since NOBODY thought Trump could possibly win this election, there were things going on behind the scenes that are gonna put some heads on the block. Ms Rice is also a very loyal person, and I believe that her loyalty, like many of us, can get in the path of good judgment. Meeting Big Bill on the tarmac was a perfect example of her loyalty (Bill’s willingness to exploit said locality) overriding good judgement.

For the record……I can’t stand stand stand Trump. I voted for him almost solely on his economic (vague as it was) plan. I voted twice for Obama. But I believe in doing the right thing. And I see quite a bit of smoke around this issue of the Trump campaign’s key figures, including Mr. Hairdo himself, being surveilled…….Let us see if there is fire. If not, okay. But something is rotten here. Although it wasn’t your writing.

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