Improve Your Sales Process with Sales Automation

Nov 30, 2017 · 5 min read

Sales success is calculated with the numbers and sales representatives are crunching numbers all day long throughout the year to make their sales process successful by closing more deals.

Communication plays a major part in this too, and sales reps understand this fact. That’s why in a traditional sales team you will find that everyone is giving their best to make the general audience aware about the company’s products and services by giving cold or scheduled calls, sending out introductory and promotional mails.

They do their best for generating interest and awareness about the organization’s product and services, enough to generate business for you. But if the communication is not satisfactory the business will face disapproval from probable consumers, and you all know that is bad for business.

A higher quality approach will always payback well for your organization and sales teams are realizing this fact. But if the frequency of reaching out to the prospects is less than you won’t be generating the required numbers, which means a bad conversion rate.

Why select Salesmate for your sales process automation!

Sales people face many barriers while they try to perform their work and it is sometimes not possible to perform all the duties in the dedicated hours. Sales automation is the method that gives respite and helps sales reps become productive while carrying out the sales process.

Let’s have look on the verticals that trouble your sales team and how sales automation can come in handy and help you improve your sales process.

Customer Relationship

Maintaining a healthy and happy relationship with your customer base is the sole purpose of any organization who is present in the market because they are the ones who help them increase their revenue at the end of every financial cycle.

Your sales process includes generating income and acquiring new customers base, yes, we are not asking you to let that pass. However, after selling your product and services to your clients and even after handing them over to the support team make sure that you stay in touch with them. Don’t let them have the feeling that they were just another prospect on your list that they needed to convert into a money minting unit.

With Salesmate’s automation, you get reports regarding the customers’ level of engagement with your services and products. This helps your sales reps in sending a personalized email to their customers’ helping them nurture the current and the old customers equally. This also is the best way you can upsell your services to your existing customer base.


Managing prospects is an eternal saga that all sales reps live while following their sales process. Every prospect is important and so is the task of prioritizing the method of contacting them. A common issue that every rep faces is the inability to rank the prospects in a timely manner.

This in turn causes the prospects to feel that your team is unable to provide them the required service and you will lose them to your competition. It becomes more important that your sales reps identify the interested candidates.

If such lapse in communication occurs, the prospects will doubt your service team’s capability in delivering the promised quality of service and products.

A smart CRM tool helps in managing all your prospecting activities by managing all the tasks of sending contact and promotional emails, tracking the performance of those emails, calling prospects, logging those calls, saving them in the activities, saving any notes taken during the calls in the activity timeline.

Every communication logged under that prospect and customer so that you can track the overall history of the prospect and use it for future reference.


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Communicating your company’s services, explaining the products and its plus points over the call helps you in increasing your conversion rate because it becomes easy to do the explanation over the phone to your prospects. And having a prospect also adds up to your conversion data.

But the trouble is that all these calling is done manually and that means that sales reps feed data related to the calls, into the system every time they have a conversation with prospects. This hampers the overall productivity of your sales team and hampers the flow of the sales process.

Salesmate’s automation feature helps you with making a quick call to your prospects, dial your prospect, automate task of saving the notes taken during the call in the activity timeline, and leave voicemails. This helps your sales reps in saving their time and focus on their productivity.


Even though calls are the best way of communicating with prospects, sales reps still prefer emails when they need to establish first contact with their prospects.

As is the case with calls, there are manual labor at work when it comes to drafting the emails to be sent to the prospects.

With Salesmate you can schedule your sales emails, design the templates, and save them and use these saved templates for sending high quality and informational email to your prospects.


Dozens of emails of various nature are sent out to the prospects and customers on a daily basis. Seems like much time is spent doing this activity. But, how do you know which customer or prospect opened which email or which link was clicked or which subject line attracted the customers and prospects to open the email?

Salesmate helps you in tracking the progress and performances of the promotional email. It gives you the full data of the nature of the content that is liked by the customers and prospects in general. This helps you save time as your team now has the data to pitch to the interested customers only, so reps do not lose their work hours calling the prospects who don’t have the need or interest of buying your services.


Automation is the new gameplay and those who understand this fact and become the early adopters of this new feature will obviously will have an edge over their competition. As we discussed in the previous portion of this article, sales teams should have every smart tool at their disposal if you want them to perform and to be the best, in terms of crunching the required number and be productive.

Salesmate CRM is all in one sales tool helps your sales team to be intuitive and its smart features help them to save their time and energy which they can focus in completing various tasks on the sales process. If you want to know more how you can help you team in becoming more productive with Salesmate then do get in touch with us, and we will be glad to help you out.

We welcome you to Salesmate! 🙂 A subtle yet systematic and intuitive sales intelligence-based CRM that provides high quality service without blowing a hole in your budget. Want to know more? Start a free 15-day trial, today!


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