Increase Conversions With a Lead Management CRM

Mar 22, 2018 · 4 min read

The marketing team applied their brains, used the best of marketing strategies and captured high value leads to increase the sales of the company.

But what next?

Their efforts are futile if the leads do not convert into sales. For increasing conversions, the leads need to be addressed and pushed forward on-time by the sales team. However, disorganized leads, lack of coordination, poor response and haphazard process hamper the lead progress.

To make it possible, you need to take control over your leads by systematically managing them. Building a structure where your sales reps can track the opportunities and follow-up in real time is necessary for converting leads. This can be done with an advanced sales tool like a Lead Management CRM.

Take help of the expert — Lead Management CRM

From tracking and managing leads to notifying for follow-ups and automating processes, lead management CRM is an all in one solution that helps in qualifying, nurturing and converting a lead. It provides a comprehensive view of each lead to stay abreast of its status for taking timely actions and helps in maintaining the flow of the lead to reduce its decay rate.

For a better understanding of this high-end technology, let’s delve deeper into its benefits:

Avoid clutter by keeping your leads organized

Organizing the leads is crucial for driving sales. However, without a proper tool in place it becomes a daunting task for the sales professionals. They are not able to coordinate, distribute, track and maintain the leads appropriately which results in loss of an opportunity.

The right lead management solution can solve these issues and ease the life of sales reps. A clean structure can bolster sales rep’s connection with the prospects. They will know when they need to approach and what needs to be done to take the lead in a lucrative direction.

With the perfect lead management software, sales reps can-

  • Assess and sort leads based on various criterias
  • Automatically assign leads
  • Track the status of the leads
  • View past conversation with the prospects
  • Follow up on-time
  • Spot stalled leads to make them active again

Keep a track on your leads

With a lead management CRM, you don’t need to fear about missing relevant information about your leads in the sales pipeline. With a clear timeline, displaying each update of the lead activities you can stay up-to-date with crucial details needed to take timely actions.

It helps in-

  • Viewing their position in the pipeline
  • Prioritizing the lead according to their engagement level
  • Getting detailed insights to build strategies for quick conversions

You can systematically maintain and view each record about the lead from their past interaction with your company to their expectations for determining best practices to address their requirement.

Take control on the response time

Time plays a vital role in establishing a relationship with a prospect. A delay in passing and addressing a lead can give your prospects a reason to connect with your competitors.

Prospect aren’t ready to wait, they need instant response to their inquiries. Connecting with the prospect at their moment-of-interest is necessary to build a positive and lasting relationship with them.

With a lead management system, this process can be automated, you can easily set automated response and follow-ups, to connect with your prospects in real-time. Besides, you can even schedule emails for prospects in different time zones to reach out to them at their preferred time.

Right distribution of leads

Besides time, assigning a high value lead to the apt personnel is also important. Though the lead might reach the sales team on-time but if not handled by the right sales rep then there might be risks of losing a prospect.

A lead management CRM optimizes the distribution of the leads and helps you in allocating them as per the geographical location, sequence of the contacts or by product line. Besides, the sales head can automate this tedious task of assigning leads by setting workflows. This saves time and increases efficiency.

Timely notifications

With a busy schedule, there are chances that you might fail to follow up or take the necessary action. However, with a lead management CRM, you can stay alert by getting notified when a lead is active in the sales pipeline. With timely notifications, you can get informed about new tasks, respond to your prospects on-time and stay abreast with the progress of the deals.

Final words

Carelessness in handling the leads results to drop in sales which affects the revenue. So, managing these leads becomes necessary to increase conversions. For doing so, a smart lead management tool like Salesmate CRM is essential. Such a tool helps in efficiently managing your leads as well as reduce manual labor and increases your teams productivity. It is the smart way to convert more leads in less time with minimum efforts. Connect with us if you wish to explore other functionalities of Salesmate and understand how it will benefit your business.


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