Prospecting Tips for Real Estate Agents

When a real estate agent prospects, he is hunting leads for generating long-term business. Sourcing new leads, leveraging inner network, and engaging people in community events, real estate agents boost their brand visibility. The best real estate agents bind a consistent amount of their time in prospecting. In this article, we will be providing tips on how real estate agents can prospect and increase their revenue; keeping their client relation alive!

1. Make Prospecting Plan Your Routine

  • Create a calendar for prospecting and add all the tasks that are related to your prospecting process. That way you will know what you need for executing these tasks.
  • Your continuous prospecting efforts will land more leads in your prospect pipeline.
  • Give yourself free time for completing all the tasks that you have set for the month and start checking off one task at a time.
  • If you stay on your schedule in a well-planned manner, you will be prepared for every surprise that may come in your way of prospecting.

Integrating your official calendar with a smart sales CRM can help you stay up-to-date with your schedules and meetings. The best part is whenever you add a new schedule in your calendar it will synchronize with your CRM. This helps the CRM system to notify you about your meetings and schedules well in advance.

2. Socialize Over the Weekend

  • You might be even doing it right now!
  • It’s no hidden fact that real estate never sleeps, especially when the market is open on the weekends.
  • Weekend social gatherings are the best platform for creating connections.
  • Participating in community events also allows you to make people aware of your brand.

3. Time Your Meetings

  • Scheduling your meetings at the right time helps you convert the leads into customers whom you can transfer inside your funnel.
  • Don’t be shy about reaching out to your prospects over a coffee or lunch as people generally do business with people who interest them.
  • Schedule your meetings and be flexible enough to meet their timing demands.

4. Be Persistent About Following Up

  • In most cases, real estate agents miss out on crucial prospects because they did not manage their follow-ups and lose the client to some other agency.
  • Being a real estate agent, you must know how to be relentless as there are other agents and agencies who will be on the lookout for the same prospect.

CRM software makes the task of follow-ups less cumbersome. You can set triggers inside the CRM and that will automate various follow-up tasks using text or emails. If you have a calling task, the system will send out a notification to you over mobile and web app and also send you an email so that you never miss out on your follow-ups.

5. Find Local Leads on Social Media

Social media has come as a boon for many industries. Many prospects search for properties over social media sites and websites. Be on the lookout and promote yourself in such a manner that you stand out of the herd.


80% of agents use Facebook for nurturing leads and connecting with the community — National Association of Realtors

  • Facebook allows you to run ads with specific gender, age, and geographical filters.
  • You can run your campaigns using the Facebook Ads and promotions.


  • Although Instagram has only about 14% of real estate agents, 59% of millennials the largest share of first-time homebuyers.
  • Just like Facebook, you can run ads on Instagram too.
  • Post images of the properties you have in your listing, share pictures of your happy customers and use relevant hashtags for increasing your view.

You can use third-party integrations and synchronize your social media activities inside your CRM system. Every conversation that occurs over the official social media page is tracked inside the CRM and you can be used for personalizing your client approach. These data sets also help real estate agents in their prospecting process.

6. Use Resources Optimally

  • Create your own website and provide backlinks to your social media accounts so that your prospects will land on your website to find out more listings.
  • A website also allows the prospect to know that you are legitimate and have done work in the same field previously.

7. Use a smart CRM software

We shared bits of information that come in handy for real estate agents while they are continuously putting their efforts in prospecting. The process of client prospecting is a tricky, time-consuming and laborious process. We want you to know that you do need to spend your important sales time in prospecting. By opting for a smart sales CRM software and utilizing its automation feature, real estate agents can smartly manage their selling and prospecting time without any kind of compromise.

By combining all the above points and including them in a unified process, CRM software allows real estate agents to optimally use all their resources towards successful prospecting.

Helping a client buy or sell their home is the beginning of a long-lasting relationship. Real estate agents must make sure that they never lose touch with their past clients. Automate the process of reaching out to your clients via call, text or email using the automation process of Salesmate CRM. All your clients’ information, such as their birthdays, anniversaries, job positions (via profile enrichment integration) are available inside the CRM software. Utilizing this information in your favor is the smart way of staying on the forefront of your clientele.

Statistics have revealed that house owners sell and move approximately every five to seven years. Each contact in your list may not be a potential returning client, however, they have a vast network that can help you cross-sell your services. You might have a calendar reminder in place, but it is part of common human error to ignore calendars or forget about them. Instead, we suggest you try Salesmate CRM because once a certain task is created it can be tweaked as per your requirements and remind you regarding crucial client appreciation opportunities.

Salesmate CRM has a variety of workflow automation that includes

  • Fetching email from website forms
  • Creating deals and tasks
  • Assigning deals and tasks to real estate agents
  • Reminders of follow-up tasks via web app notification, mobile app notification, emails
  • Sending out a personalized email once a deal is created
Keeping your contacts warm is the most crucial part of your entire business process and Salesmate CRM does that part without including manual labor. The best part of using Salesmate CRM’s workflow automation is that you can keep working with your leads and prospects without losing focus on other high-priority sales activities.
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Bottom Line

The competition is stiff, so you need to hustle and bust down the door of opportunity to get your leads inside your funnel. To do so, you require ample resources. But most importantly, you require help of a system that can be customized to your needs.

CRM software are the best tool a real estate agent can have in his arsenal to manage and win more leads than doing the task manually. The type of automation CRM system provide to their users, it cuts down the manual labor considerably. CRM also enable real estate agents in creating an effective pipeline of leads that convert into business giving customers.

We welcome you to Salesmate! 🙂 A subtle yet systematic and intuitive sales intelligence-based CRM that provides high quality service without blowing a hole in your budget. Want to know more? Start a free 15-day trial, today!