Top Sales Tools to Boost Your Small Business Sales

Nov 10, 2017 · 7 min read

How do you increase sales?

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To manage modern businesses, entrepreneurs need much more than capital, grit, and determination. Today the technology has enhanced the way companies are being managed, and this requirement came up because competition became too stiff for the technology laggards. Apart from the said fundamentals of running business, entrepreneurs today require the modern tools that have been developed to make the life of every business leader less arduous.

Businesses today need to connect with their customer base located beyond their geographical boundaries. Yes, you can book a ticket and go down to your desired location and start your research afterwards but isn’t that too far-fetched and expensive? Especially if you are burning the capital even before acquiring the client?

Technology has not only given us various social platforms but provided us the edge over the way business was carried out previously. Well, I mean a decade or so ago. Moreover, success or failure of any business is calculated based on the number it crunches at the end of every fiscal year.

Modern Tools That Are Important For Your Sales Team

Google Docs & Spreadsheets

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Google Cloud has freed small and medium businesses from the hassle of document viewing and editing tools in various ways.

  • First, there is no installation charge
  • Second, you get a limited number of Cloud storage free,
  • Third you do not have to worry about local disk space as you can store and edit every file on the cloud server.

The most fundamental advantage to small and medium businesses is that in this age of smartphones, Google mobile app allows users to edit and view their drive docs on-the-go.

Another added advantage of Google Docs and Spreadsheets is that you can assign it to your desired team member, create a chat group for discussion over the document and keep track of the revision history. Overall, without burning the budget you cash-in on the document tools anywhere and from any device.


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Salesmate is an intuitive sales automation tool for the sales teams of all sizes. Easy and quick to setup, this CRM:

  • has both iOS and Android apps
  • allows visibility to all the deals in sales pipeline,
  • helps you organize contacts and
  • gives you insightful sales forecasts.

It’s a must have sales tool for medium and small businesses who want to make their salespeople efficient and productive. With Salesmate, your sales reps always focus on the right deals.

Don’t you need a software that works in a synchronized way with your workflow? Don’t you want your smart CRM to send out automated email to the prospects and track the outgoing mail performance? Salesmate helps you send automated emails, track every outgoing email and track the whole pipeline without any data entry.

This CRM easily integrates with Gmail, Outlook, and other email accounts for providing a seamless one window operation to you.


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The world is in love with cloud-based applications for various simple reasons.

  • The cost of managing them does not burn a hole in your budget,
  • easy sharing,
  • secure and
  • streamlined

Basecamp is one of the most favored project management tools that offers its users a variety of functions.

Basecamp provides both web and app access, and the synchronization between the both is impeccable. While handling any project, user can break it down into individual tasks and assign them to the team members, discussions can be held; the user can maintain a unique thread for individual tasks which can be used to track the dates of the tasks. Team members can comment in the thread, can share files, links to their work.

The daily reminder sent to the individuals regarding their assigned tasks helps in tracking the activity successfully. All in all, this cloud based tool helps your sales team with time and task management, ultimately increasing efficiency and productivity.


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Asana allows teams to track their work by keeping their workflow intact. By using the multiple workspaces functionality people can work together on project specific platforms, which means there is no chance of miscommunication regarding the project status or any other project related communication.

With a prioritized to-do list teams can plan their day ahead. Asana allows users to get automatic updates regarding projects, conversations, and tasks.

With the dashboard function user is given the freedom of viewing every work happening throughout the organization. You can easily access projects via dashboards and can view the dashboard report from Google Sheets.


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A powerful data API that helps you grow your business smoothly with social, demographic, and firmographic data.

One of their product, Enrichment, parses emails or domains for qualified leads. Another product, Discovery acts as an extensive company lead database and Prospector helps you find particular contacts that are crucial to your business.

Clearbit allows the sales teams in selecting the required tools with variety of products and APIs.

MailChimp Email Marketing

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As a startup, small or a medium business, you need to be vary of your marketing budget and sometimes even technology hinders you while scaling your business. With MailChimp, email marketing services you have to worry less about any of the two as it offers free plan that allows various third-party integration.

Its email templates help you send outgoing emails at a quicker pace. Apart from that MailChimp also offers a decent amount of email analytics that help you know how your email templates are performing with your prospects and clients.


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This Cloud-Based telephone system is developed specifically for the sales teams. Accessible at anytime, anywhere and from any device, connecting with your leads and customers becomes really easy for your sales reps irrespective of the location.

It is easy to be integrated with your CRM and other tools thus providing seamless calls straight from your dashboard. Apart from the desktop version, RingCentral also has their Android and iOS apps that make it accessible from any platform.


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Hootsuite is the social relationship software platform that helps you focus your modern business strategies on the social media. You can combine multiple networks and profiles into a single dashboard for planning and managing your social media campaigns. Hootsuite simplifies the process of posting on social media platforms.

In addition to all this, you can view all the social media activity from a single-screen and also send various campaign related notification on the same channel. This makes the process of planning and managing the social media campaigns smooth, efficient and less hectic.

Hootsuite has both free and premium analytics capabilities and being a cloud-based tool Hootsuite allows business become productive and collaborative, ensuring that all the necessary content are delivered in a timely manner.”

Concluding Words

Startups need to focus on bringing business and sell more products and services. Such tools come in handy when your team has less members. To be successful your sales team needs to be creative, productive, and efficient and must work as a unit. Sales tool not only nullify the human errors but they also keep your team members in a loop so that miscommunications and loss of data do not occur and hamper all the demanding work. We are sure that these enlisted tools will be helpful for you because to be in the race you need to keep the money flowing and what’s best than tools that are budget friendly, all the way though!

We welcome you to Salesmate! 🙂 A subtle yet systematic and intuitive sales intelligence-based CRM that provides high quality service without blowing a hole in your budget. Want to know more? Start a free 15-day trial, today!

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