Why providing world class customer service helps small businesses?

Jan 17 · 7 min read

With around 30.2 million small businesses covering 99.9% of United States of America, the market has become a lot competitive in the past decade! Hunger of staying ahead of the herd, profitability and customer loyalty are few points every business is covering in their journey.

Small businesses that provide world-class customers service will win the competition!

Every business that goes down the path of providing services and products has one basic goal in their mind, to lead their industry or domain! That being said, it is not easy to maintain the perfect flow of new as well as returning customers. This is true especially when your competition is trying to woo the customers with

  • fancy ads,
  • bumper offers, and
  • various special discounts

Customer support has experienced an immense change in the past few years, thanks to the technological advancements. Businesses have understood the fact that, for providing flawless customer experience, they must meet their expectations without disappointing the customers.

By the year 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator!

Businesses must provide topmost priority to customer service by solving the customer queries in a personalized manner. They must:

  • Understand and fulfill their customers’ needs
  • Personalize their customer service approach
  • Develop self-service and multi-channel support strategies
  • Provide the best UX and UI user experience

Why providing world class customer service helps small businesses survive the competition?

1. Builds customers’ trust in you

Providing your customers with the best post-sales service helps you earn their trust!

Customers will stay loyal to you only when they receive the value of their money invested in your offering. Providing world-class customer service adds on to the value and the companies that fail to do so, lose their customers to the competition.

2. Matters more than money

Cheap is never charming!

Many research companies have made the discovery that for customers to be loyal to a brand, customer service is more important than the price of the product.

3. Helps build brand awareness

By providing better service, you are allowing the customers to spread a positive word of mouth.

For a small business to surpass the competition and make a better revenue at every quarter, continuous flow of deals inside the sales funnel is a necessity. In this age where social media is ruling the roost and connecting brands with customers, word of mouth plays a pivotal role in enhancing your brand awareness.

Your customers words about your product and service can make or break your brand. And being a small business with a budget constraint, having a PR team to save your brand image is out of the question!

4. Appeal to customers

The new age customers want to be actually treated as the King, without the charade!

The time when doing business was all about closing the sales is long gone! In the previous era, salespeople used to be ruthless about their number! Yes, ruthless is a harsh word, but is a reality of the past! People were just numbers for companies and the most numbers of sales decided the overall growth of a business.

The digital age brought change to the phenomenon and social influencers and the millennials started posting the posts, photos, and videos of the way they were treated by businesses post sales! Now, the digital customer wants to be treated as a person, rather than a number on your sales list!

We hope we were able to establish the reason behind providing world class customer service.

How small businesses can provide such customer service to their customers?

1. Listen to your customers

The modern customers want empathy more than sympathy, and why not, they are the ones making the purchase!

Being a listener allows you to understand and track the psyche of the customers, enabling you to curate your product and services to suit their preferences. Showing the care and giving the proper amount of attention to your customers’ feedbacks will allow you to win them over and make them a returning customer.

  • You can create feedback forms on your “Contact us” page or share the feedback form link over the suitable social media links, at regular interval!
  • Integrating the same with your CRM software will allow you to collect the response automatically.
  • Based on the feedback, you can create workflows with an automated yet personalized response that will inform the customers that you have recorded their responses and will take the necessary steps in future.
  • You can also send out email responses with exclusive discount and offers to your regular responders to spread a positive word of mouth.
  • CRM system with the power of workflow automation can be used by small businesses to curate the content that reaches the audience and develop a caring and positive image.

2. Evaluate yourself at regular intervals

If your vision includes becoming the leader in your domain, then you must keep evaluating your customer service approach at regular time intervals. The above point can be used in such cases. You can also hold a quiz and various competitions; rewarding the customers based on their responses.

  • Examine how your employees are interacting with your customers.
  • Using a CRM software, you can stay in loop regarding all the customers’ interactions.
  • You can raise a red flag by setting tags which are inappropriate while having customer interactions.
  • Conduct automated performance reviews and create reports using CRM information available to you.
  • If you have a unit that is dedicated to providing the best customer service, you will definitely win the major chunk of customers from the available audiences.

3. Reflect your values in your customer service

  • In order to be successful as a business, you must create a list of a guide that must be followed while providing world-class customer service to your regular audience.
  • Deriving your customer service on these values helps you craft guidelines that should not be broken while managing customers queries and grievances.

4. Respond quickly with right answers

Personalizing your responses is the key to crack the code of immense customer locality!

  • Customers get put off when they receive standard replies to their questions, making them think their interaction is happening with a bot.
  • Don’t limit your responses with precision! It allows your customers to think you are in a hurry to push them away!
  • We know, time is of immense value to every business and sending out canned responses is the most efficient way of saving time.
  • However, you must remember that customers like to have some empathy while receiving responses.

In conclusion. . .

Nothing will matter, once you lose your customers due to poor customer service.

We hope this article has highlighted the fact that providing the best in class customer service to your customers allows you to create brand loyalty and makes sure that your customers never drift away from your product offerings.

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